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10 Abdihasan Street was the address of a safe house in Hargeisa.

Danko and his team of Spetsnaz commandos traveled to a safe house after Jiro Chu prevented them from leaving the country via plane. While there, Danko interrogated Jack Bauer and Soltsin tried to relieve him of command when he nearly killed Bauer. Bauer managed to overpower and kill Danko, and the other agents decided to wait until their plane was repaired.

After the plane was fixed, Soltsin and the other agents tried to leave, only to be attacked by Abigail Harper. Harper killed Titov and Yakunin, and Bauer escaped in the confusion. Once Bauer reunited with Harper, the two worked together and killed Soltsin, and then drove away from the location when the police arrived. (Rogue)

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