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21917 Euclid Street was the address of an apartment building where Marika Donoso lived with her sister Rosa.

Marika and Rosa lived in unit 6 of the apartment, and their rent was paid by Marika's boyfriend who she knew as "Samuel Aboa". During Day 7, while Marika was at work, Rosa called her and insisted she return home. Marika did so, and when she was there Rosa confronted her about her relationship with Aboa. After Marika left, Rosa called Samuel and made him break off the relationship or she would expose him as an illegal immigrant.

Aboa, who was really Iké Dubaku, then arranged with Marika to leave the country. Marika returned to her apartment to pack, but Rosa caught her and questioned her. As they argued, Renee Walker and Jack Bauer burst in, having traced money from Dubaku's accounts to the address. They explained to Marika who her boyfriend really was, and made her help them catch him. Soon a car was sent by Ryan Burnett to pick up Marika, and after she left Jack and Renee followed in pursuit.

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