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24: The Official Magazine Issue 5 was the fifth issue published by Titan Magazines of the 24 Magazine. It features interviews with Sarah Clarke, Reiko Aylesworth, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Mary Lynn Rajskub and others, along with other articles. It was the first 100 page yearbook.

Interviews Edit

A whole collection of great, in-depth interviews. Since this issue is Titan's 'Episode Guide'YearBook/100 page issue, the interviews are placed in the section of whatever Season the interviewee's respective characters were featured in.

Features Edit

Extra Edit

  • 24 Intel: The latest 24 news
  • CTU Mailroom: Fans' queries and questions
  • CTU Files: Tony Almeida
  • 24/Seven: Trivia and tidbits
  • Getting to know CTU-YOU: Michael Marcellino; 24's Hair Stylist

Previous issue:
24: The Official Magazine Issue 4
Current issue:
24: The Official Magazine Issue 5
Next issue:
24: The Official Magazine Issue 6

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