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5 Valley Vista Circle was the address of Bill Buchanan during Day 5 and Day 6.

Day 5 Edit

After Audrey Raines signed a form of all the mistakes CTU made that day, Bill was relieved of his command, and he went home. After Chloe O'Brian escaped from CTU custody she went to Buchanan's house to assist Jack from there. They were tipped off by Karen Hayes that Homeland Security agents had tracked Chloe to there and were coming over, and so Chloe left before they could arrive. Buchanan refused to admit Chloe had been there, and he was taken back to CTU into custody.

Day 6 Edit

After Karen fired Bill, he went home. Several FBI agents searched his house. Bill received a call from Karen telling him to prevent the exchange of Josh Bauer and the FB subcircuit board.

Appearances Edit

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