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Abiid was one of the Somali pirates working under Osman Xasan Muhamad during Rogue.

After taking control of the Barataria along with 18 other pirates, Abiid was tasked with guarding the hostages consisting of the ship's crew. After Callum Trent and another crewman attempted to escape but got shot by Sadiq Khalif Fárah, the rest of the crew charged the pirates to overpower them. Abiid, along with Osman and Feysal, gunned down all of the remaining hostages.

Later, after Jack Bauer was discovered to be hiding on the ship, Abiid was sent to find him along with Samir and some other men. As they descended a ladder into the lower hold, one of the men shined his torch at Jack, who responded by shooting and killing 5 men. Abiid was killed along with Feysal, Ashkir and Ahmed.

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