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Air Force Two is the radio call sign used for any Air Force aircraft that is carrying the Vice President of the United States.

Day 6 Edit

Vice President Noah Daniels was aboard Air Force Two when President Wayne Palmer announced he would not authorize detention centers for Islamic Americans.

Background information and notes Edit

  • The aircraft serving as Air Force Two in this episode was a Boeing 747. In real life, this type of craft does not typically serve as the Vice President's transport as it does Air Force One, though there have been some exceptions.
  • Air Force Two is usually a Boeing 757.
  • There are two identical 747s that act as Air Force One. In universe it is possible that after the crash in Day 4, the remaining 747 was made Air Force Two and Air Force One was replaced by a new type of aircraft.
  • The exterior footage of the plane is the same as the footage used for Air Force One in seasons 2 and 4. It is also the same footage used in Harrison Ford's movie Air Force One and the TV show The West Wing.

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