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Al Larson Boat Shop was a shipyard and boat sale yard at the Port of Los Angeles, adjacent to Victor Drazen's base at Dock 11A during Day 1. It was established in 1903.

After agreeing to trade himself for his daughter Kim's life, Jack Bauer staked out the Drazens' safehouse at Dock 11A from the boat shop's docks, then called Andre Drazen to say that he wouldn't show himself until he knew Kim was alive. Soon afterward, Nina Myers called Jack on Victor Drazen's orders to lie that Kim's body had been found in the harbor. Broken by the news, returned to the boathouse and broke into a yellow van, then drove straight into the Drazens' base, killing both Victor and Andre and all of their men. ("Day 1: 11:00pm-12:00am")

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  • The scenes at the boat shop were filmed at the real Al Larson Boat Shop in San Pedro, California.


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