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Alaska Airlines Flight 442 was a Boeing 737 operated by Alaska Airlines which exploded in mid-air and crashed in the Pacific Ocean on a passenger flight from Juneau, Alaska to Los Angeles, California, some years before Day 1. The cause of the explosion was a C-4 bomb surgically implanted in the arm of passenger Abdul Ali (seat 29D), intended to be used for an Al-Qaeda terror attack against the interfaith Unity Conference in Los Angeles. The cause of accidental detonation was unclear. All lives aboard the aircraft were lost, including Ali and stewardess Claire.

The explosion of Flight 442 was investigated by a team composed of members from both the National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration, including NTSB agent Diana Christie. While the final FAA report blamed a malfunction in the plane's fuel tank, Christie was convinced that the explosion had originated from Ali's seat and doggedly continued her own investigation. By bringing the case to the attention of CTU Los Angeles, she helped alert the agency to the imminent threat to the conference. (Trinity)