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Alex Castillo (born May 25, 1969; age 47) played the CTU guard Hugo during Season 5 of 24.

Biography and career Edit

Alex Castillo was born in Chicago, Illinois as Gustavo Alejandro Castillo.

Castillo started his acting career in 2003, appearing in the film Holes (with Jon Voight). After that, he has appeared in films like Tequila Shots, December Ends, Slip (with Sky Soleil and Lilas Lane), East L.A. (with Matt Gallini), Loner, and Enter the Dangerous Mind.

Aside of films, Castillo has worked in TV shows like JAG (with Steven Culp), The Unit (with Dennis Haysbert, Max Martini, Michael Irby, and Ned Schmidtke), Criminal Minds, The Shield (with Benito Martinez), House of Lies (with Megalyn Echikunwoke), and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Castillo has also worked on several short films. He also has his own production company.

24 credits Edit

Selected filmography Edit

  • Enter the Dangerous Mind (2013)
  • Loaner (2009)
  • East L.A. (2008)
  • Late Night Girls (2006)
  • Tequila Shots (2005)
  • Holes (2003)

Television appearances

  • House of Lies (2012)
  • Monk (2009)
  • General Hospital (2008)
  • Criminal Minds (2007)
  • The Unit (2006)
  • Days of Our Lives (2006)
  • Rosa (2006)

External links Edit

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