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Cardinal Allen James Mulrooney was a priest living in Los Angeles. He was the high-ranking cardinal of St. Monica's Cathedral. He had an intense disliking of the current Pope, John Paul II, and was the leader of the Catholic schismatics.

Before Trinity Edit

Mulrooney was brought up in a poor Irish neighborhood in Chicago. In the 1950s, whilst in his teens, he traveled to Los Angeles where he worked in a soup kitchen. He rose in position throughout the Catholic church thereafter. Between 1962 and 1965, a series of meetings, officially known as the Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican (aka Vatican II), made significant changes to the views and practices of the Catholic Church. This angered Mulrooney and he joined the schismatics, a group of people who believed there had not been a legitimate Pope since 1962.

Trinity Edit

Mulrooney learnt that Father Frank had been killed by Don Biehn because of the abuse committed by Frank of his son, Aaron. He informed the Pope, and said that they had to act. He employed Michael Shalhoub to deal with the situation. Biehn was killed, along with Sam Collins. These events led Mulrooney to plead, along with Father Walesa and Martino to cancel the Unity Conference, but the Pope ignored them.

The Conference went ahead, and Mulrooney excused himself so he would avoid the attack on the Pope. However, the plan was foiled by Jack Bauer, who proceeded with Harry Driscoll to go to St. Monicas Cathedral to follow up another lead. Meanwhile, at St. Monicas, the Pope confronted Mulrooney, knowing him to be the leader of the Catholic forces against him. He said that fighting Muslims is made all the more difficult by having to fight other Catholics at the same time. He told Mulrooney to leave, at which point officials of Mulrooney intruded upon the Pope and tried, unsuccessfully, to assassinate him thanks to the intervention of Jack and Harry.

Live appearancesEdit

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