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Anna Diop (born February 6, 1988; age 28) is a Senegalese-born American actress who plays Nicole Carter in 24: Legacy. Nicole is the wife of Eric Carter. Diop's casting was announced on February 16, 2016.

Biography and careerEdit

Diop was born in Dakar, Senegal, but she moved to United States when she was 6.

in 2006, Diop was working on her first television role in a show Everybody Hates Chris in a recurring basis. Afterwards, She guest starred in shows Lincoln Heights (with Michael O'Neill, DaJuan Johnson and Kofi Elam) and Whitney. In 2012, she appeared in Southland, which also features Michael Cudlitz, Regina King, Lou Diamond Phillips, C. Thomas Howell, Jamie McShane and Gary J. Wayton.

Later in 2013, Diop appeared in a episode of Touch starring Kiefer Sutherland. That episode was directed by Nelson McCormick and featured fellow 24 actors Lukas Haas, Greg Ellis and John Boyd.

In 2015, Diop had a series regular role in the short-lived CW supernatural series The Messengers (with Riley Smith and Navid Negahban). She later appeared in the ABC thriller Quantico. She will later been seen in the OWN show Greenleaf, which stars Merle Dandridge.

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