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Anwar was the accomplice of Abdullah in Habib Marwan's terrorist cell in Day 4.

Day 4 Edit

When Habib Marwan offered to trade his hostage, Jack Bauer, in exchange for Behrooz Araz, he sent four of Rafique's subordinates to make the trade. They were Abdullah, the driver Rasheed, Anwar, and a sniper who was secretly placed. At the Union Conduit Dam, and Jack listened as they spoke. When the time came, Anwar and Abdullah brought out Jack and sent him off, and then forcefully restrained Behrooz when he arrived. After their sniper was picked off by counter-sniper Lee Castle, the three terrorists sped off with Behrooz. Anwar called Marwan and reported that they got Behrooz, and Marwan reminded them to look for trackers on him. Abdullah found both and destroyed them.

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Live appearancesEdit

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