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You may be looking for Arkady Bazin.

Arkady Malenkov was a Russian oil baron in charge of MPN Energy. He also tried to start a war between the Middle East and America.

Malenkov hired Maxwell Newbold to steal two nuclear missiles from Karl Rask in hopes of launching them at Mecca and Medina. After Newbold hit a setback securing the missiles, Newbold called Malenkov and informed him of the situation. Afterwards, Malenkov met with Grigor Nikunin and Yuri Puleshko at Klub Rybakov early in the morning so he could tell them that Newbold's mercenaries had run into complications. Puleshko and Nikunin suggested getting assistance from Spetsnaz agents, but Malenkov shot down the idea, telling them that being indebted to the Spetsnaz would further complicate matters. He later called Newbold for a status update and told him that he could arrange for a launch vehicle to arrive at Berbera International Airport so long as there were no more delays. The two partners continued to update each other over the next few hours until the vehicle arrived at the airport. Before it could get the missiles, Jack Bauer and Abigail Harper showed up, stole the missiles, and killed a portion of Newbold's mercenaries.

A couple hours later, Malenkov was called to another meeting with his business partners, as well as Dmitry Markoff and Vadim Zalesky. While there, the Russian government officials contacted Newbold and analyzed footage captured from the airport. Eventually they discovered Bauer's identity and Markoff ordered Newbold's men to stand down. When Malenkov and his partners met with Markoff and Zalesky again, they told Malenkov that his operation had failed and ordered him to shut it down. Although Malenkov protested, Markoff and Zalesky refused to change their minds; they offered to help Malenkov and his associates erase traces of the operation as a reward for locating Bauer, provided they left Astrakhan. Seeing no other option, he begrudgingly agreed. Malenkov contacted Newbold and told him their mission was cancelled before later calling Mira, who alerted him that all evidence related to the operation had been destroyed. Malenkov and his partners got into a limousine so they could head to Narimanovo Airport. Moments after they entered, a bomb Mandy planted inside exploded, killing Malenkov and his associates. (Rogue)

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