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The United States Army Rangers, officially the 75th Ranger Regiment, was an elite special operations force of the United States Army. Their unofficial motto was "We Own the Night." The Rangers were loosely affiliated with the Army's rigorous Ranger Training School. (Findings at CTU, Collateral Damage)

Throughout their history, the Army Rangers undertook missions in conflict zones around the world, including Somalia, Haiti, and Iraq. They were notably active in the Gulf War in the early 1990s. (Veto Power, Trojan Horse)

During his Delta Force training, Jack Bauer learned night combat tactics from Ranger instructors. (Collateral Damage)

During Day 7, Morgan was in the process of vetting two former Rangers to join David Emerson's mercenary crew. ("Day 7: 11:00am-12:00pm")

Before Day 10, there was an Army Ranger team that carried out a dangerous mission to kill the most wanted terrorist, Ibrahim Bin-Khalid, hiding in Yemen. Their mission officer is Rebecca Ingram who worked as an intelligence agent from Counter Terrorist Unit.

The assault team is composed of its leader, Sergeant Eric Carter, along with his collegues Ben Grimes, Stewart, Colburn, Geddes, Jackson, Philman and four other unnamed Rangers. After the mission, they officially retired and given new identities to protect themselves.

Unfortunately, that peace didn't last long as the files containing the Rangers' identities were leaked by someone within the U.S. government to Ibrahim's terrorist followers and exceuted nine Rangers and their familes, except for Carter and Grimes.

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