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Arthur Lake was a staff writer with the D.C. Times, a newspaper in Washington, D.C.

In the Times' Vol. 125, Issue 35 edition, Lake contributed an article looking back on Noah Daniels' presidency, entitled "Daniels Bids His Final Farewell to Presidency." Lake commented that many pundits had believed Daniels did not really want to be reelected, as his administration had been faced with devastating terrorist attacks, as well as a divided Congress and the failure of many of his economic policies. The article also mentioned some of the more controversial pardons issued in the last days of his administration, including oil magnate James Ellison and drug trafficker Dino Lorenzo. In a brief interview, Daniels stated that he had many things in place to occupy him after leaving office, and he looked forward to getting on with the rest of his life. (24: Redemption · D.C. Times article)