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Arturo Menifee was a weapons dealer based in Inglewood, California.


Born and raised in Florida, Menifee served in the United States Army as a procurement officer at Fort Hood, Texas. He used his access to steal weapons from the fort's arsenal, and turned to dealing after he was discharged.

During an intercepted call, Menifee was recommended to Jemaah Islamiyah leader Encep Sungkar by Bacharuddin Wahid as a reliable contact; JI was looking to acquire a weapons cache that they could trade to Zapata in exchange for a computer virus. CTU Los Angeles, believing that JI was planning to attack the Pacific Rim Forum, raided Menifee's warehouse in Inglewood and captured him and his two bodyguards. Tony Almeida, noting that he and Menifee physically resembled one another, went undercover with the Indonesians posing as the arms dealer. (Chaos Theory)

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