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Ashkir was one of the Somali pirates working under Osman Xasan Muhamad during Rogue.

During the raid of the Barataria in the Gulf of Aden, Ashkir's job was to lead the search belowdecks for weapons. He was one of 19 pirates that boarded the ship and took control.

Later, Ashkir was called up to the cargo control room to guard Jibríl while he cracked the laptop to locate the missiles in the containers. Sadiq, Osman's second in command, called Ashkir, Feysal and Samir out of the room to convince them to continue their inventory of the ship. However, they soon realised that Caadil, Yasir and Faaruq were missing, and that an enemy was somewhere below decks.

Samir, Feysal and Ashkir then grabbed 3 other men and went to find the intruder. However, as they descended a ladder into the lower hold, one of the men shined his torch at Jack Bauer, who was hiding in the hold. Jack responded by shooting and killing 5 of the pirates. Ashkir was killed along with Feysal, Abiid and Ahmed.

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