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This is a description of Audrey Raines' actions on Day 5.

Day 5 Edit

7:00am-11:00am Edit


Audrey works with Bill Buchanan in CTU

During the events of Day 5, Audrey was serving as an Inter-Agency liaison for the Department of Defense and CTU Los Angeles. She arrived at CTU and was greeted by Bill Buchanan, the CTU Director. Buchanan briefed Audrey on what they had on the assassination of President David Palmer, which occurred in Los Angeles. Shortly after Palmer's assassination, former CTU agents Michelle Dessler and Tony Almeida were targeted. Michelle was killed in the explosion, and a critical Tony was brought back to CTU.

Both Audrey and Bill agreed that President Charles Logan should postpone the Anti-terrorism treaty signing with Russian President Yuri Suvarov, but Logan refused. ("Day 5: 7:00am-8:00am") While Audrey and Bill coordinated security at Logan's retreat, Edgar Stiles discovered surveillance footage from the building from where Palmer was shot, and brought it to Bill and Audrey. The image cleared and it revealed that the sniper was Jack Bauer. Audrey couldn't believe that Jack was alive, but Bill and Curtis Manning argued how he might've faked his own death to escape from the Chinese government. She then refused to believe it, as she knew Jack would never murder his friends. Bill came up with the theory that Palmer, Tony, and Michelle all helped fake his death and he could no longer trust them.

Audrey contacted President Logan and informed him about their findings. Logan and Walt couldn't believe it and asked why would Jack do it. Audrey told them they were still investigating, but Walt commented on how Jack had a history of insubordination, erratic behavior, and even heroin addiction. Audrey interrupted him reminding them that Jack also had a history of serving his country.

When it was discovered that Chloe O'Brian might've been involved in Jack's "death" as well and that he might be helping Jack to clear his name, Audrey argued how that was another evidence of his innocence. Edgar then told Bill and Audrey about some NSA chatter he intercepted that warned of a possible attack at the summit within the next 15 minutes. Audrey and Bill tried to convince Logan to postpone the summit, but he refused. As they monitored the arrival of President Yuri Suvarov, without any eventuality, Bill told her that maybe their intelligence was wrong. ("Day 5: 8:00am-9:00am")


Audrey on the phone with the director of Secret Service.

Shortly after 9am, Audrey was on the phone with the director of Secret Service, who informed her they were lowering the security level by one. Audrey notified Buchanan about it and he agreed. She also asked him about Chloe's story about dead bodies at the refinery on Variel and Topanga, and Buchanan told her that Curtis checked it out and it was true. At this point, Buchanan got a call from Jack, and Audrey asked for it to be put on speaker phone. Jack told Buchanan that terrorists have seized control of the Ontario Airport and had taken hostages.

Several minutes after, Audrey was informed by DOD about a live transmission they intercepted from the airport. She told Buchanan about it and they put it on the screen, seeing the leader of the terrorists Anton Beresch, present his demands to President Logan. At CTU, Audrey witnessed how Beresch shot a hostage on camera and threatened to shoot more. ("Day 5: 9:00am-10:00am")

Audrey continued to work closely with Buchanan to coordinate the rescue efforts at the airport. When they lost contact with Jack for several minutes, he was in contact with Curtis Manning to put forth a new plan. When Jack resumed his communication, he gave CTU new information which forced them to change their assault plan. After Lynn McGill arrived to supervise the efforts, he questioned the drastic change in the plan. Audrey explained to him that they had changed it based on new intelligence provided by Jack. Since Jack had been out of contact for 20 minutes, Lynn decided to revise the transcriptions of the conversations with Jack. This helped him detect a duress call on Jack's conversation, which led CTU to return to their original plan and helped them to successfully secure the terminal.

After the raid, Audrey was in contact with Colette who informed her the airport had been contained, with only minor injuries among the hostages. At this moment, Lynn came to ask Bill to bring Jack into custody for the deaths of David Palmer and Michelle Dessler. Audrey argued that there was mitigating evidence from Chloe O'Brian's testimony which proved that Jack was probably framed. Still, Lynn insisted to make sure nothing escaped from their report. ("Day 5: 10:00am-11:00am")

11:00am-3:00pm Edit

Lynn demanded for Jack to be brought into CTU, so he could question him about Palmer's assassination. Audrey felt that was unnecessary, as the evidence and Chloe's testimony proved that Jack was set up. Lynn decided to play it by the book and he refused to listen to anybody else's opinions. Curtis later followed up on a lead and was lead to one of the hangars in the airport. CTU learned that terrorists gained possession of 20 canisters of Sentox VX nerve gas, and they managed to smuggle them out of the airport.

After debriefing the Department of Defense on the situation, Lynn approached Audrey and asked her to debrief Diane Huxley. Although Audrey was reluctant, Lynn insisted claiming that her personal relationship with Jack could allow Diane to open up and reveal some lead about the time where Jack was off the grid. When Diane arrived at CTU with her son Derek, Audrey had Derek taken to CTU medical clinic for a routine check. She then questioned Diane on her involvement with Jack and the airport crisis. Audrey also asked her about her personal relationship with Jack, which surprised Diane. However, she assured her that Jack was always a good man to her, but he was always private about his past. At this moment, Jack approached the office and Audrey excused herself.


Audrey is reunited with Jack

Audrey met with Jack outside, and he explained to Audrey that he couldn't tell her he was alive in order to protect her. Audrey told him he understood, and that the toughest thing for her was thinking he had died feeling she was angry at him. She also told him that she knew he had made a hard decision and she no longer blamed him for Paul's death. ("Day 5: 11:00am-12:00pm")

When Jack convinced Buchanan to send him after Walt Cummings, Audrey started coordinating the protocols for it. As they were in it, Audrey apologized to Jack for being distant and explained how tough was for her to see him alive. After Jack leaves, Audrey and Buchanan started working on safety protocols on the borders notifying CHP and the airports about the canisters, without giving them information about the nerve gas.

As Audrey walked out of the Situation Room, Diane approached her and asked her if she was still in love with Jack. Audrey refused to answer saying it was personal, but Diane told her that Jack still loved her. She then told her that if she didn't, she should let him go. This prompted Audrey to contact Jack and ask him if what Diane said was true. Jack told her he never stopped loving her, but he was still confused by everything that was happening. Audrey apologized and left him to meet with Novick.

Shortly after 12:30, Lynn notified Buchanan and Audrey that Division had requested him to stop the search for the nerve gas canisters, on orders of the White House. Audrey argued that it would take hours to transfer all their information to another agency, but Lynn insisted. However, Bill got into an argument with Lynn and convinced him to disregard the order. Minutes later, Jack called with Cummings' confession about the location of the canisters. Logan also told CTU to disregard the previous order. As Audrey went to alert CBP, Buchanan also told her to make sure there were Hazmat teams at the location of the canisters. Audrey was later present as they watched a video feed of a CBP task force raiding the container at the Port of Long Beach were the canisters were supposed to be. ("Day 5: 12:00pm-1:00pm")


Buchanan and Audrey listen to Erwich's recording.

Audrey then met with Bill Buchanan and the CTU staff to revise the status of the canisters of nerve gas, and how the terrorists were unable, at the time, to activate them. After the meeting, Audrey contacted Ken to tell him that all interagency protocols must be run through CTU. She also assured him that no one was going around him and she would keep him appraised. Buchanan approached her and informed her that President Logan had reinstated Jack temporarily to help with the search of the nerve gas. At this moment, Chloe interrupted them and told them they had intercepted a call from Erwich to a man called Jacob Rossler.

As they prepared to raid Rossler's apartment, Jack called Audrey and told him about Logan's reinstatement. Audrey told him she didn't like it and assured him that CTU could handle the crisis. However, Jack wanted to ask her a favor, and told her to contact his daughter, Kim, and bring her to CTU so he could finally talk to her. Audrey agreed, and asked if she should tell Kim that he was alive, but Jack said he wanted to do it himself.

After Rossler was apprehended, Audrey supervised the interrogation along with Bill Buchanan and Lynn McGill. When Rossler asked for full immunity in exchange for his cooperation, Lynn ordered Jack to accept and told Buchanan and Audrey to make sure he followed through. Sometime later, Jack called Audrey and asked her if she could contact Kim. She told him she was unable to reach her, but left her a message. Jack then asked her to keep trying. ("Day 5: 1:00pm-2:00pm")

When Rossler was killed by his female companion, Jack decided to go undercover as Rossler and meet with Ivan Erwich's men. Although Audrey and Lynn thought it was too risky, Buchanan gave him the green-light. Audrey and CTU monitored the meeting and heard as Jack installed the chip on the terrorists remote trigger. When Erwich's men beat Jack and forced him to come with them, Audrey got worried for his safety and told Bill and Lynn that they would probably kill him. However, Buchanan and Lynn agreed that they would only follow them and that Jack could take care of himself.

Erwich's men brought Jack to the Sunrise Hills Shopping Mall, with the intention of releasing a canister of nerve gas. As they were about to get out of their van, Audrey reassured Jack that they would intercept them and asked Chloe to send redeployment orders. However, Lynn stopped them and argued that if they intervened, they wouldn't be able to find the other 19 canisters. When Audrey asked him if he planned to allow the terrorist attack to go on, Lynn told her that he was willing to risk it, if that allowed them to find the other canisters. When Audrey tried to vouch for Buchanan to intervene, Lynn screamed at her that he was the one in charge, not Bill. Bill, who agreed with Lynn, told them they had to call the President.

Audrey kept Jack updated, telling him they were waiting for the President. When President Logan returned their call, Audrey patched Jack into the call. Lynn then briefed Logan on the situation telling him that he and Bill agreed with the procedure. However, Audrey voiced her disapproval telling them that they should arrest the terrorists and interrogate them. Still, Logan decided to allow the operation. When Jack disobeyed the President's order, the terrorists were forced to look for an alternate way to activate the canisters. As they heard them finish, Audrey tried to convince Lynn to stop the attack. When he refused to, she tried to force him to look at the surveillance cameras and all the children that were at the mall, but Lynn insisted that they were at war, which meant there would be casualties. However, after the terrorists activated the canister, Jack managed to wake up and kill one of them while the other fled.

CTU managed to follow Polakov as he arrived at Cal's Bikes, but Jack and the tactical team arrived just as the terrorist committed suicide. ("Day 5: 2:00pm-3:00pm")

3:00pm-7:00pm Edit


Audrey conspires with Chloe O'Brian and Edgar Stiles on how to handle Lynn McGill

Audrey got a call from James Nathanson, the man who was working with Walt Cummings. Nathanson agreed to help find the nerve gas, but he would only work directly with Jack Bauer. Audrey called Curtis and was able to speak to Jack on the phone. After Jack got off the phone with Audrey, Jack knocked out Curtis and managed to escape. Audrey realized that Lynn would be on to her, so she went to Chloe. Audrey told Chloe to delete her call with Jack off the logs. Chloe had to delete all of them and Lynn knew they were helping Jack, but couldn't find any evidence to prove it.

After Audrey brought Bill into the loop, he agreed to help her. Audrey and Chloe needed Bill to distract Lynn, and Lynn began to become suspicious of Bill. He had security taking Bill into holding and he took command of CTU. When Chloe needed someone to cover for her, Audrey brought Edgar up to what was happening. Lynn eventually realized Chloe was missing and she found her with Audrey. Audrey and Chloe were able to create a cover story, and Lynn threatened to take abrasive measures if the incident happened again.

Chloe and Edgar discovered chatter that hinted there would be an attack on President Suvarov's motorcade route. They took this to Lynn, but he refused to inform the president or Secret Service about the threat. When Audrey took it to Lynn, he threatened to have her thrown out of CTU. Audrey confronted Curtis, who was the ranking agent at CTU. Audrey asked Curtis if he could activate Section 112, which would relieve Lynn from his duties due to mental issues. When Lynn ordered to have security take Edgar and Chloe into holding and escort Audrey out of the building, Curtis activated the code and Buchanan was released from holding.

Buchanan had Secret Service informed about the possible attack, and he informed the president. When the motorcade started to turn around, the terrorists began to attack and a missile was launched at President Suvarov's limousine. Nearly all of the agents were killed and luckily Aaron Pierce was able to take out the remaining hostiles. CTU then learned that former agent Christopher Henderson was involved with the terrorists. Jack decided to interrogate and bring Henderson in by himself, while CTU continued to work on finding out about the Russian separatists.

The Department of Defense got intelligence from Russia, due to the current treaty. Audrey learned that the man funding the terrorist attacks was Vladimir Bierko. Bierko initially wanted to release the gas on Russian soil, but it now became impossible. When CTU learned that Bierko was planning on having Sentox released in the Tyler Memorial Hospital, Buchanan had tactical units sent there. Luckily Curtis and his team were able to find the gas and have it released in a contained area.


Audrey tells Jack that Kim has arrived at CTU

A little after 6pm, Kim arrived at CTU with Barry Landes. Audrey called Jack and felt it would be easier if Kim new beforehand that her father was alive. Jack agreed with Audrey's assessment, and she went up to the field operations office. When Audrey asked to speak to Kim alone, Barry assured her it was fine and revealed he was a clinical psychologist. Audrey told Kim that her father was alive and she was shocked. Audrey told her that she just found out this morning and that her father didn't tell her about her whereabouts in order to protect her.

Later in the hour, Lynn learned his sister and her boyfriend were professionally killed and he reported his CTU key card was with them. When Buchanan learned someone used Lynn's card to get into CTU, he ordered a lockdown. Jack found Ostroff, the hostile, and realized he was having Sentox released in the building. Buchanan called a Code 6 and Jack asked Audrey to get Kim. The gas was coming to the main floor and Chloe was able to seal off a few rooms. Audrey stayed in the Situation Room with Chloe, Jack, Kim, Barry, and a few others. They watched in horror as Edgar ran in the CTU main floor and died.

7:00pm-11:00pm Edit

Jack expressed his feelings to Audrey that if anything happened to his daughter, it would be all his fault. Audrey assured Jack that he had no idea Sentox would be released and he shouldn't blame himself. When the gas began breaking through the seals, Chloe needed to access the air conditioning system to flourish the gas away. A program interfered and Jack had to go in a contaminated area to access it. When Jack was able to get to it, Lynn and Harry Swinton served as sacrifices. Lynn's efforts stopped the gas from spreading and eventually the gas was flourished out of the building.

Henderson managed to escape from CTU and he killed Tony Almeida in the process. Both President Logan and Vice President Hal Gardner decided it would be best to activate Martial law, though they called it a curfew to avoid getting permission from Congress. A team from the Department of Homeland Security arrived on sight and they coordinated with CTU. Bill learned from Karen Hayes that she has instructions to absorb CTU into Homeland. Buchanan concealed this information from Audrey and the CTU staff.


Jack interrogates Audrey

After Jack interrogated Collette Stenger, a broker who was hired by Bierko, Jack informed Buchanan and Hayes that Stenger named Audrey was her contact from DOD. Hayes had Audrey brought into holding and she ordered for Rick Burke to prep for a medical interrogation. Luckily Bill and Jack were able to convince her to let Jack speak to her for 10 minutes. Jack interrogated Audrey and spoke to her about her night with Walt Cummings in a hotel. Audrey confessed they had an affair and she was embarrassed, as he was revealed to be a traitor. Jack realized Audrey was innocent, but Hayes went forward with the medical interrogation. Audrey was then strapped down to a chair.

Jack was able to prove that Stenger had contact with Henderson, breaking the presidential immunity she had received. Jack knocked out a US Marshal and threatened to kill Stenger if she didn't reveal what she knew. Stenger confessed that Henderson told her to implicate Audrey if she was caught, and Bierko was planning to release the gas from an industrial gas company. Jack demanded for Burke to stop the interrogation, and he told Audrey everything would be all right. After Audrey was checked out at medical, she decided to come back to work.

Jack and Curtis lead a team over to the Wilshire Gas Company and they managed to take out all of the hostiles. Bierko escaped after releasing the gas and Jack was forced to blow up the building. When Jack got a visual on Bierko, he went after him and was caught in the wave of the explosion. Audrey worried that Jack may of been killed, but he luckily emerged with an unconscious Bierko. Jack then informed Audrey that he wasn't coming back to CTU, as Wayne Palmer and Aaron Pierce had a lead on who was behind the day's events. Jack believed that Vice President Gardner may of been involved in Palmer's assassination and the Sentox plot.


Audrey learns that President Logan is behind the day's events

Karen and Miles Papazian asked to see Audrey and they wanted her to sign the document. The document blamed Buchanan and CTU for all of the faults in the day. Audrey refused to sign it, as she felt Buchanan and CTU did an excellent job during the coarse of the day. When Jack called Audrey and told her he would need someone inside CTU, Audrey decided to sign the document. Audrey asked for Chloe to be kept at CTU and report directly to her in exchange. Karen met this request and Buchanan gave Audrey a disappointed look as he left the building.

Jack revealed to Audrey that Evelyn Martin, the assistant of First Lady Martha Logan, had evidence that proved who was behind the day's events. Jack told her whoever it is, they would have huge connections and would be after them. After saving Evelyn's daughter Amy from Henderson's men, Jack called Audrey to tell her who the mastermind behind the day's events where. Audrey was shocked when Jack told her that Evelyn implicated President Logan.

11:00pm-3:00am Edit

Jack told Audrey that they would need to hand over the evidence to someone with big ties, mainly her father. When Logan learned that Jack knew about his involvement in the day's events, he had an arrest warrant put out for Jack. After the warrant was issued, Audrey decided to leave CTU and Miles was sure that Audrey would lead them directly to Bauer.


Audrey meets with her father

Audrey called her father, who was headed back to Washington. Audrey asked him to meet her in Los Angeles, and Heller agreed to land at the Van Nuys Airfield. While Audrey stopped at a gas station, Chloe gave her instructions on how to find the transponder on her car. Audrey found it and she dumped it on a truck. Audrey arrived at the airport and she got confirmation from Jack that he had the audio recording implicating Logan in hand. Jack told her he would be at the airport after bringing Wayne to a secure location. Jack brought Wayne to Bill Buchanan's house and brought him into the loop on the situation.

After Heller landed, he hugged her daughter and asked what this was about. Heller was shocked when Jack arrived and asked to speak to him in private. Heller informed his guards Doug Masters and Mark Wexler to wait outside, while he talked to Jack and Audrey inside the warehouse. After Heller heard the conversation, he took it and left the warehouse. He came back in with his Secret Service detail and punched Jack in the throat. Heller told him he was going to force Logan to step down, as the country shouldn't suffer an impeachment process. He gave the recording to Masters and asked him to watch Jack. When Heller told his daughter to come with him, she refused and Heller asked Masters to keep on eye on her.

Jack and Audrey were detained and tied up in a room. Jack was able to break the rope and he untied Audrey. He knocked out one of the Secret Service agents and he told Audrey to wait inside. Jack was able to get the recording from Masters, but Henderson's men arrived. Masters ended up getting shot and killed and Jack had to fight off all of Henderson's men, while Henderson managed to sneak into the airport warehouse.


Christopher Henderson cuts Audrey's artery in order to get the audio recording

Henderson found Audrey and he took her hostage, as Jack arrived. Henderson agreed to let Audrey go, if Jack gave up the recording. Audrey told Jack not to give in his demands, and Jack gave up the recording after Henderson cut Audrey's left brachial artery open and had her walk towards Jack. After Henderson received the recording, he shot towards Audrey and escaped. Jack grabbed Audrey and placed her on the floor. He tied her up her arm in order to stop the bleeding and he was able to find Henderson with help from Chloe.

Jack was able to run Henderson off the road, who escaped into an old barn. When Henderson tried to put a new clip into his firearm, Jack caught up with him and told him it was over. Jack took Henderson into custody, who told him that he had a chopper tracking Heller and if his men didn't get a call every 15 minutes, they have orders to kill him. Jack called Heller to confirm if a chopper was following him. Heller told Jack he should have done things differently and he told Jack to tell Audrey he loved her. Heller drove his car into a lake and Audrey was devastated.

When Jack learned that Henderson passed the recording off to someone on Flight 520, he decided he needed to board the plane but he wouldn't leave Audrey alone with Henderson. Audrey told Jack to go and they she would be fine, as Curtis was on his way. When Henderson woke up from his unconsciousness, he tried to trick Audrey into using her phone to get her father help, which would have led Henderson's men to their location. Audrey knew he was trying to use her and warned him to stop speaking. His men then arrived, and Audrey attempted to shoot and kill Henderson, but she wasn't able to and she ran off.


Audrey warns Christopher Henderson not to talk

As Audrey was hiding from Henderson's men, she was grabbed from behind and was grateful to see it was Curtis. Curtis had his men move in and take out all of Henderson's men. Henderson was brought into custody and Curtis ordered for him to be brought back to CTU. Curtis asked for a medic to check Audrey out and for her to be brought to CTU medical.

3:00am-7:00am Edit

While recovering in CTU Medical, Audrey thanked Curtis for saving her life. Curtis then informed her that the National Guard picked up her father and he was alive. He was in ICU and was critical, but he would make it. Audrey was grateful to Curtis and she was later visited by Jack. Jack told her that he had secured the evidence and a meeting with the Attorney General was being prepped. The two of them shared a tender moment together, and kissed.

Audrey later discovered that Miles erased the recording and earned a position in President Logan's administration. It was then confirmed that Bierko managed to escape and is planning a bigger attack. Hayes ordered for Jack to offer Henderson immunity, and Audrey was horrified over that fact. Audrey explained to Jack that Henderson was responsible for Palmer, Michelle, and Tony's death, as well as her father's condition. Jack told her he understood that, but they had no other choice.


Audrey recovers from her injuries at CTU Medical

With Henderson's help, it was learned that Bierko planned on taking over the Russian ship the Natalia. Though Jack managed to warn the crew, Bierko was able to kill the crew with a canister of nerve gas. He then armed the missiles on the ship and prepared to have them launched. Audrey contacted Admiral Kirkland and told him they had less than 20 minutes to stop the missiles. Kirkland sent out F-18's, but he told Audrey they wouldn't make it in time and it was up to the ground times to stop the attack.

With help from Petty Officer Rooney, Jack, Henderson, and Agent McCullough were able to get on the ship. Henderson disarmed the missiles, while Jack handled Bierko and his men. In the operation, Jack managed to kill Bierko and all of the hostiles. When Chloe learned that Henderson disarmed the missiles, she told Audrey to have Kirkland call of the F-18's. Jack then reported that Henderson was dead, as he tried to fire on him. Jack concealed the fact that he killed Henderson in cold blood, in order to avenge the deaths of Palmer, Michelle, and Tony.

With help from First Lady Logan, Aaron Pierce, and Mike Novick, Jack was able to gain access to the helicopter transporting Logan to Palmer's funeral. Jack kidnapped Logan and tried to get him to confess to everything he did. Jack was unable to get Logan to confess, and he was taken into custody. However, it was so learned Jack placed a device on Logan's pen and a conversation between Logan and his wife implicated him in the day's events. After giving Palmer's eulogy, Logan was taken into custody.


Audrey and Jack are finally free to be together

Jack was released and he reunited with Audrey. The two of them shared a passionate kiss, but an agent came out and told Jack that he had a call from a Kim Bauer. Jack told Audrey he had to take it and Audrey told him to go ahead. After Jack was gone for a while, Audrey went inside the building and discovered the phone hanging from the hook. She became worried and told a Secret Service agent about Jack's disappearance. Jack was kidnapped by Cheng Zhi's men and was being transported to China, for his involvement in the death of Consul Koo Yin's death 18 months earlier.

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