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Bakutis was a Firethorn mercenary working for Maxwell Newbold.

Bakutis was one of the mercenaries in the Firethorn convoy who guarded the nuclear missiles they stole from the Barataria. He also defended the convoy when Bashir Ćawil Hanad and his soldiers tried to steal the missiles. Bakutis was later killed when he tried to prevent Jack Bauer and Abigail Harper from stealing the nukes. (Rogue)

Background information and notes Edit

  • It is never specified when Bakutis died or who killed him. However, none of Newbold's troops are stated to have retreated at any point in the novel. Bakutis was either killed when Bauer and Harper stormed Berbera International Airport, or he was gunned down alongside Newbold and his remaining soldiers at Sullah's garage.

Live appearancesEdit