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Bas Holcomb was a resident of Los Angeles. He was also one of Pembrooke's accomplices.

While Jack Bauer and Harry Driscoll were looking through various databases to find the man who killed Sam Collins, they discovered that Holcomb had rented a Chrysler 300C, which was the same vehicle the perpetrator used. Jack and Harry headed to St. Francis Landscaping in Crescent Heights looking for him, but when they talked to the receptionist, she told them that he was at a mosque in Inglewood. Once Driscoll and Bauer arrived at the mosque, they questioned Javier Espinoza, who told them he hadn't seen Holcomb in a while. Bauer and Driscoll eventually concluded that he had skipped town, since he never returned the car to the rental agency and hadn't been home in over two days. (Trinity)

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