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Bashir Ćawil Hanad was an African warlord and the leader of an al-Shabaab terrorist cell. He was also one of Hakeem el-Jamal's allies.

Hakeem el-Jamal contacted Hanad shortly after Maxwell Newbold and his group of mercenaries stole a shipping container containing nuclear cruise missiles. Desperate to get them back, el-Jamal told Hanad to recover them in exchange for ten million euros, along with many weapons. After the call ended, Hanad woke up all of his men so they could begin their search for the missiles. During their search, they found the compound Newbold's mercenaries were stationed at, but Hanad's men arrived too late. Marwan discovered fresh tracks on the ground and informed Hanad that the mercenaries were heading for Berbera. After losing two of his men, Hanad order the rest of his troops to get back into their vehicles, and they drove to Berbera. Once there, Hanad paid a Somali boy and his uncle money in exchange for information about where the mercenaries headed. After uncovering their location, Hanad, along with some local Somalis, confronted Newbold's troops. Hanad and all of his men were gunned down before they could steal the missiles. (Rogue)

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