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You may be looking for Basheer from Season 2 or Aron "Basher" Bashir from Season 9.

Bashir was one of the members of the IRK security detail at the UN building during Day 8. He was very loyal to Tarin Faroush.

Day 8Edit

When President Omar Hassan ordered Nabeel to detain Tarin Faroush, Bashir remained secretly loyal to Tarin. While Tarin was held in a room awaiting to be transported to the IRK embassy, Bashir planted a gun in the car where Tarin would be transported and slipped him a key for his handcuffs.

Later, Bashir was guarding the room where Tarin was being held when Nabeel brought Kayla Hassan to meet with him. The men left Kayla and the prisoner alone for a few minutes to speak.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Bashir assisted Tarin in his escape from custody. However it was never specified if Bashir was loyal to the "cover" Tarin or if he knew all along that Tarin was a terrorist mole. Therefore it is possible, but uncertain, that Bashir was a member of the Kamistan splinter cell.

Live appearancesEdit