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Berbera International Airport was an airport located in Berbera, Somaliland.

Maxwell Newbold and his team of mercenaries headed to the airport carrying two nuclear missiles so they could rendezvous with two pilots sent by Arkady Malenkov. Before they arrived, Newbold and his team killed all the police officers, cleared the airport of civilians, and took over the airfield. As Pilar Sánchez started to arm the pilots' plane with the missiles, the mercenaries were attacked by Jack Bauer and Abigail Harper. The two of them stole the missiles and killed several mercenaries before driving away to Burao.

Later, Robert Burnett and his team of Navy SEALs arrived at the airport looking for the missiles as well. They encountered some of the mercenaries stationed at the airport and killed those who stayed behind before following Harper and Bauer's trail. (Rogue)

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