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The Beretta M9 was a semi-automatic handgun manufactured by Beretta. It was the military specification version of the Beretta 92.

Mishko Suba lost a bet to Alexis Drazen and owed him three Beretta M9s, as mentioned in a file on Drazen's PDA. (Findings at CTU)

At Erno Tobias' apartment on Central Park West, Jack Bauer found a weapons cache including a Beretta M9 with a Knight's Armament silencer. He took the handgun and used it to kill one of Montel Tanner's thugs during a chase through Central Park. (Collateral Damage)

During Day 10, Eric Carter kept a Beretta M9 in a hall safe in his home. Nicole Carter retrieved the gun during a home invasion and used it to kill one of Ibrahim Bin-Khalid's followers. Afterward, Eric took the handgun, using it to finish off the jihadis at a construction site near Washington Union Station. ("Day 10: 12:00pm-1:00pm")

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