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Berkov was part of Mikhail Novakovich's security detail during Day 8.

Day 8 Edit

Berkov informed Novakovich when President Yuri Suvarov would arrive, and was then ordered to call Novakovich's driver Ivan. Before he could complete his tasks, Berkov and the other Russians were ambushed by Jack Bauer, who entered their quarters using a stolen key card. Berkov and the entire staff were gunned down, and Jack impaled Novakovich on a fireplace poker for his part in the murder of Renee Walker.


Berkov's corpse, seen on camera footage

When Jason Pillar called Novakovich's phone, Berkov was barely able to drag himself over and answer the call, leaving a line of blood on the carpet. He informed Pillar about the killings and asked for an ambulance. When Pillar asked him if Novakovich had said anything to Jack, Berkov told that Jack simply came shooting and did not interrogate anyone. Later, Berkov's corpse was seen on camera footage of the suite.

Background information and notes Edit

  • His death was originally unconfirmed; after his phone call with Jason Pillar, it was unknown whether he had died. However, it was later confirmed that Berkov had been killed by Jack.
  • Berkov is the final on-screen kill by Jack Bauer during Season 8.

Live appearancesEdit

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