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The Biltmore Hotel was a luxury hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, California, located a few blocks from the InterContinental Hotel.

Due to modern traffic needs, a second entrance was constructed in the rear of the hotel, while the original grand lobby of the hotel was converted into a dining room.

The terrorist Zapata stayed in room 1103 at the Biltmore with Francis Aguillar while preparing for the assassination of Federal Reserve Chairman Martin Webb. Zapata directed Aguillar to use Vanowen and Alliance Moving as the couriers for an arms deal between him and members of Jemaah Islamiyah, an elaborate ruse to mislead federal authorities into thinking that the Pacific Rim Forum would be attacked.

After the deal was interrupted, Vanowen, Emil Ramirez, and undercover CTU agent Jack Bauer arrived at the hotel and proceeded to Aguillar's room. On orders, Aguillar executed both Vanowen and Ramirez, then fled down the hallway, pursued by Bauer. Jack shot and killed him in the hotel stairwell, believing he had killed Zapata, then sat down to await the authorities. While being escorted out by federal marshal Dan Pascal, Jack overheard that the dead man was positively identified as Aguillar, and realized he had killed the wrong man. Zapata, who had barely avoided capture, watched as Jack was escorted out, then went for a morning run.

Later in the morning, Martin Webb and his grandson Jake had breakfast in the hotel's dining room, where they discussed Jake's scheduled match against former champion Mark Kendall in the Professional Reality Fighting Championship that evening. Martin admitted that part of him envied his grandson's chosen career, and promised that he would adjust his schedule so that he could attend. (Chaos Theory)


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7x09 Hotel Lobby

The Biltmore in "Day 7: 4:00pm-5:00pm"

  • The Millenium Biltmore Hotel, opened in 1969, is a Los Angeles landmark and frequent Hollywood filming location that was used to stand in for the Roosevelt Continental Hotel in Season 7 of 24. In a deleted scene from Season 2, Jack Bauer drives past the Biltmore before getting his windshield cleaned by a homeless man.

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