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You may be looking for another Brandon.

Brandon was a CTU Los Angeles intelligence agent active during Day 4.

Day 4 Edit

Brandon notified Erin Driscoll in person when her daughter, Maya first arrived at the CTU medical clinic. ("11:00am-12:00pm")

From CTU, Brandon established contact with Derek Rosner at the San Gabriel Island nuclear power plant. Secretary of Defense James Heller, Director Erin Driscoll, and Curtis Manning learned from Rosner that the meltdown was irreversible before losing contact with him. ("3:00pm-4:00pm")

Before 6pm, Brandon notified Erin that the medical staff of the clinic wanted to speak with her because of some emergency. She brusquely told him to wait since she was occupied with the recapture of the Dobson Override. It turned out that her daughter, Maya Driscoll, had committed suicide in the clinic. ("5:00pm-6:00pm")

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