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Sheriff Bray was a member of the Westmoreland County Police Department who assisted the FBI's hunt for Jack Bauer the night after Day 8.

Bray greeted Thomas Hadley and his team shortly after they arrived in Pennsylvania. He and Deputy Roe informed the agents that a man named Todd Billhight saw a Bell 206 Long Ranger chopper parked out in a field with bullet holes in it. Bray expressed his apprehension in arresting Bauer, worried that his officers and civilians could be in danger, but Agent Kilner reassured him that the FBI was there so the hunt for Bauer would go smoothly.

After Chase Edmunds and Bauer got into a fight at a local diner, Sheriff Bray and his deputies, along with the FBI agents, arrived so they could take statements from the witnesses. Bray was then ordered to arrest and interrogate Frank and Josh for "aiding and abetting" the two fugitives. (Deadline)

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