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Brett Rogers was an FBI counter terrorism agent working under Deputy Director Kate Wyman during Day 3 of The Rookie.

The Rookie Edit

While working at the FBI headquarters in Washington DC, Deputy Director Kate Wyman requested a satellite with thermal tracking capabilities. Brett suggested using the Noram Weather Satellite, because it had a thermal detector. Lisa, another analyst, concurred.

After Wyman decided to use the satellite, Brett prepared it for her, and informed her that it was ready. When Alton Maxwell was kidnapped, Brett sadly responded that NSA took control of the satellite, so they were unable to track him. After Eric MyersEsteban Salazar's mole within the FBI – returned from talking to Esteban, Brett asked if he was alright. Eric lied that he was on the phone to his girlfriend, but everything was fine. Brett looked on, unconvinced.

Live appearancesEdit

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