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Brodur was a member of the Night Rangers biker gang.

Brodur and a few other bikers greeted Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds as they were stopping at Deadline. He warned them to leave town before scratching their car with his knife and driving away. Later, after a Greyhound bus carrying new "workers" for the Night Rangers arrived, Brodur and Fang chased after two women who tried to escape. Brodur cornered one of the women, Laurel Tenn, inside a local convenience store, before chasing her again over to the Apache Motel. As Brodur began to abuse Laurel and threatened her with his knife, Jack came outside the motel and told Brodur to drop his weapon and walk away; Brodur refused and attacked Bauer. With the help of Laurel, Jack overpowered Brodur and stabbed him in the chest, shortly before hiding his body in a pickup truck. (Deadline)

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