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Burt Bulos played an unnamed White House FBI agent during Season 7 of 24.

Bulos has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. He later majored in Speech Communication. He is also a 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Bulos has had small roles in several films like Beverly Hills Ninja (with François Chau), Godzilla (with Doug Savant, Glenn Morshower, Al Leong, and Nancy Cartwright), The Thirteenth Floor (with Dennis Haysbert), Teddy Bears' Picnic (with Kurtwood Smith), Storm Watch (with Kevin Fry), Criminology 101 (with Rick Ravanello), and Wanted (with Joaquim de Almeida, Walter Wong, and Hector Atreyu Ruiz). Bulos also starred in the horror comedy film Otis, which was directed by former 24 producer-director Tony Krantz.

On television, Bulos has had guest-starring roles in series like The Young and the Restless with Neal Matarazzo, Titans (with Lourdes Benedicto), The Practice (with Željko Ivanek), ER (with Paul McCrane and Penny Johnson Jerald), Presidio Med (with Paul Blackthorne, Ray Wise, and Clint Jung), and NCIS (with Randy Flagler).

24 credits Edit

Selected filmography Edit

  • Wanted (2005)
  • Criminology 101 (2003)
  • Storm Watch (2002)
  • Teddy Bears' Picnic (2002)
  • The Thirteenth Floor (1999)
  • Godzilla (1998)
  • Beverly Hills Ninja (1997)

Television appearances

  • 24 (2009)
  • NCIS (2006)
  • Presidio Med (2002)
  • The Practice (2001)
  • Titans (2000)
  • ER (1999-2001)
  • The Young and the Restless (1998)

External links Edit

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