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Butch Klein played CTU interrogator Eric Richards during Season 3 and Season 4 of 24. In his first appearance, his character was given the first name Darren.

Biography and career Edit

Klein started his professional acting career in 2000, with an appearance on the comedy film Shafted! (with JD Cullum). After that, he has appeared in films like Straight-Jacket (with Veronica Cartwright), Lost Focus, Bam Bam and Celeste, Get Smart, and Murder on the 13th Floor (with Robb Reesman).

Aside of feature films, Klein has also appeared in TV shows like NYPD Blue (with Esai Morales), ER (with Paul McCrane), LAX (with Frank John Hughes), Boston Legal (with Carlos Gomez), Criminal Minds, Dark Blue (with Logan Marshall-Green and Rhys Coiro), and Jane the Virgin (with Carlo Rota). He also had a recurring role on the show Raisin' Junior.

Role on 24 Edit

Klein played the role of an interrogator at CTU Los Angeles during Season 3 and Season 4 of 24. During Season 3, his character was given the first name "Darren". He appeared in only one episode and was credited as a co-star. During Season 4, his character was referred to as Eric Richards. He appeared in a total of four episodes.

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