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Forensics was a room at CTU used primarily for carrying out post-mortems.

CTU Los Angeles Edit

Day 1 Edit

When Jack Bauer brought the body of Alan York to CTU for identification, it was taken to forensics where Nina Myers, Perry Tanaka and Jamey Farrell carried out a post mortem. A surgical pin was discovered in his ankle, and Jamey used the AMA database to track down the surgeon who implanted it to identify the body. The operation was also observed by Milo Pressman. ("5:00am-6:00am")

Day 5 Edit

After the Dawn Brigade attack on Yuri Suvarov's motorcade, the bodies of the terrorists were taken to forensics. Curtis Manning found a schematic of Tyler Memorial Hospital on one of the bodies, suggesting an attack on the hospital was imminent. ("5:00pm-6:00pm")

CTU New York Edit

Day 8 Edit

Cole Ortiz took Davros' corpse to CTU Forensics where he was autopsied by Dr. Laura Hendricks. As she was beginning to do so, the radiation alarm went off revealing that Davros had, at some point very shortly before his death, been in contact with weapons-grade uranium. This revealed to Omar Hassan that his brother, Farhad Hassan, was very close to purchasing illegal uranium rods from Red Square. ("7:00pm-8:00pm")