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Callum Trent was a weapons runner working for Karl Rask on board the Barataria.

Trent met with business associates during the voyage on the ship, accepting payments from Hamas members at Beirut and from a Chechen rebel at Izmir.

Jack Bauer was on the ship pretending to be Tom Conway, and Trent questioned him about his past. Bauer seemed to have a legitimate story, and offered Trent the opportunity to buy a Russian smallpox virus from Odessa. Trent was interested, but tested Jack by offering him a cigarette despite knowing that Conway never smoked. Jack admitted who he really was and Trent took him at gunpoint, but at that moment the ship was boarded by Osman Xasan Muhamad and his crew of pirates.

Trent radioed Shattuck and got Rask's men out of their bunks, before providing covering fire for Jack to escape off the side of the ship. Trent called Rask and told him of the attack before getting captured by the pirates. He was tied up and taken to the forecastle with the rest of the crew. When questioned by Sadiq Khalif Fárah, Trent told him that there were none of Rask's men left. He was questioned about where his money was, and despite the killing of Miguel Blancaflor he refused to say. However, Markus Rohde revealed that Trent's safe was in his stateroom.

After the pirates opened the safe, Sadiq angrily confronted Trent again and asked where the missiles were. Trent again refused to divulge the information, but Osman realised they could use the ship's manifest. However a short while later four pirates dragged Trent and Rohde to the cargo control room to ask where the real manifest was. Rohde told them it was on Trent's laptop, and after Sadiq shot through his hand Trent revealed the laptop's location. He was taken back down to the forecastle, where he bandaged his ruined hand and told Rohde that the game had just begun.

Sadiq returned to confront Trent about the password for his laptop. Trent again refused to say, so Sadiq attempted to beat him with his AK-47. Trent lunged at him, got a knife from his belt, but was cut down by Sadiq firing his gun. Trent's death spurred the remaining hostages into trying to escape, however they were all shot and killed soon after. (Rogue)

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