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Carlos Osorio (born July 17, 1972; age 44) was the art director for 24. He also worked on the 24: Solitary short featured in the 24: Live Another Day DVD.

Biography and career Edit

Carlos Osorio was born in Garzon, Colombia. He began his career as a set designer in theater. After earning a degree in Communications and finishing graduate studies in Fine Arts and Film, Osorio settled in Los Angeles as production designer.

As Production Designer, he has designed commercials, music videos, shorts and feature films.

Through his career, Osorio has worked in commercials, music videos, short and feature films. Some of the shows he has worked are Armed Response, American Genius, and Real Rob. He also worked in films like Battle for Skyark, Gone Missing, Road to Juarez, Targeting, and Dear Me.

In 2013, Osorio worked as the art director for two episodes of the third season of Homeland. One of the episodes was co-written by Alex Gansa, who created the show along with Howard Gordon.

That same year, Osorio also directed his first feature films, In the Void and 7 Visiones del Amén.

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