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The Central Intelligence Agency (abbreviated CIA) is an intelligence-gathering agency of the United States of America. As America's primary intelligence agency, it is responsible for keeping the government informed of foreign threats to national security or national interests. Charged with coordinating all U.S. intelligence activities by the National Security Council, the director and deputy director of the CIA are appointed by the president with the consent of the Senate.

Langley is a term often used to refer to the CIA. This is in reference to the CIA's headquarters being located in Langley, Virginia.

In 1993, a number of domestic branches under the umbrella "Counter Terrorist Unit" were created by the CIA to investigate and prevent terrorist attacks within American borders.

Day 6 Edit

As reported by Chloe O'Brian to Bill Buchanan at 11:16am, the CIA was attempting to track down Dmitri Gredenko in Moscow during Day 6.

Notable CIA personnel Edit

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