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The Chandler Plaza Hotel was a highrise hotel located on Wilshire Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles. It was a major hotel, with capacity for at least 1000 guests.

Day 3 Edit

During Day 3, Stephen Saunders chose the Chandler Plaza Hotel to be the first site that the Cordilla virus would be unleashed upon. At the time, around 1000 guests were staying at the Hotel.

Michael Amador's business assosciate Marcus Alvers sneaked into the building disguised as a maintenance worker and set up a vial full of the virus.

After Jack Bauer confirmed the target from Amador, Michelle Dessler led a team including Gael Ortega to the site. She and her team did not have HAZMAT suits, and could not risk entering the building. Still, Dessler asked for volunteers to enter the building, and most of her team, including Ortega, agreed.

Upon entering the building, Michelle met Craig Phillips, the Chandler Plaza's Head of Security. He told her that he recognized Alvers from a security feed. Dessler went to investigate, and managed to capture Alvers. Alvers gave her the vial's location, and Gael went to shut it down. Unfortunately, as he attempted to disarm the device, it went off, and he was covered by silicate dust containing the virus.

Within minutes the virus had been spread throughout the Hotel, infecting hundreds of people, including Alvers, Ortega and Phillips. Dessler ordered a lockdown of the hotel; Phillips moved quickly, and was able to implement the lockdown. However, one man, William Cole, was able to escape.

Dessler called Tony Almeida and informed him of what had happened. Nicole Duncan, leader of a HAZMAT team, was among a group of field teams dispatched to the hotel. However, the virus that had been released into the hotel had been altered, speeding up the virus' incubation period.

Dessler told dozens of people in the hotel's lobby that they could not leave the building, telling them that a toxic substance had been released outside the hotel. However, when one of the guests started showing symptoms, a man named Danny panicked and attempted to leave. Michelle was forced to shoot and kill him.

President David Palmer decided to explain the viral outbreak as "similiar to Legionnaire's disease," explaining to his Chief of Staff, Wayne Palmer, that the American people would be less likely to panic.

Over the next several hours, hundreds of guests, hotel staff and CTU agents, including Ortega, became symptomatic.

Dessler visited Ortega, and offered her gun for him to commit suicide. Gael declined, saying that his religion forbade suicide. He asked her to tell his wife, Theresa, that he died painlessly, despite the fact that he was clearly in agony.

Michelle called her husband, and pleaded with him to send suicide capsules to the hotel. Tony agreed, and Michelle watched as Gael's body was wheeled out. Dr. Sunny Macer brought in the suicide capsules. Michelle gave a speech to the assembled guests of the hotel, informing them that the capsules had arrived. An elderly couple were the first to accept the capsules.

Macer than informed Michelle that a woman had come forward to say that she couldn't find the man she had arrived with, Bill. CTU spent almost an hour searching for him, but was unable to find him before he spread the virus to various other individuals. Eventually, Macer told Dessler that she was immune to the virus, and she left the hotel, only to be captured by Saunders.

Hours later, Jack Bauer attempted to use the infection still within the hotel to persuade Saunders to talk by threatening to take his daughter, Jane Saunders, inside.

The final death toll of the attack upon the Chandler Plaza Hotel was almost a thousand, though various Counter Terrorist Units managed to capture other vials of the virus before they could be unleashed.

People exposed to the virus at the hotel Edit

Picture Name Outcome of viral exposure
Marcusalvers Marcus Alvers Lethal infection
Marcus Alvers—associate of Michael Amador—was the bio-terrorist who exposed the hotel ventilation to the virus. Before he could escape, he was restrained by Agent Dessler in the basement and was infected with his own bioweapon. When he became symptomatic, he begged Dessler to kill him, desperate to avoid enduring the horrible effects of the virus. (Whether she granted his request or he simply died of the virus itself was not shown.)

Guests Edit

Picture Name Outcome of viral exposure
3x18 William Cole William Cole Lethal infection
After a one-night stand in the Chandler Plaza with Kathy McCartney, William Cole managed to leave the hotel before CTU could lock it down. Shortly before 6:00 AM, he became symptomatic, ensuring that he would eventually die. Cole was inadvertently responsible for spreading the virus to a number of civilians, including his wife Susan Cole, and numerous others including Sam Tyler, Sara Kaufman, Anne Schwartz, Dr. Joyner, etc.
Kathymccartney Kathy McCartney Unknown
Kathy McCartney was the guest at the Chandler Plaza who reported to CTU agents that William Cole had gone missing. (Because she appeared to be asymptomatic long after the virus's accelerated incubation period, there is a chance that she survived, but this was not confirmed.)
DannyS3ep16 Danny Shot to death before exhibiting symptoms
Danny surmised that the cover story CTU had told the guests was a lie. He panicked and tried to flee the hotel. Michelle Dessler warned him but was forced to kill him when he refused to remain inside.
Dannylovedone (Danny's loved one) Unknown
After Michelle Dessler was forced to shoot Danny to protect the civilians outside the hotel, Danny's loved one mourned his death. (She was exposed to the virus but whether he was infected or immune was not shown.)
3-16-05 (Infected woman) Lethal infection
This woman was the first guest to become symptomatic with the infection, presenting the telltale excessive nosebleed.
Virus2female (Infected woman) Lethal infection
This symptomatic guest was present when the suicide capsules were made available by CTU.
3-18-06 (Infected elderly husband) Lethal infection
This symptomatic senior and his elderly wife were some of the first guests to choose to take suicide capsules when CTU made them available, in order to avoid the excruciating death of the virus.
3-18-05 (Infected elderly wife) Lethal infection
This symptomatic senior and her elderly husband were some of the first guests to choose to take suicide capsules when CTU made them available, in order to avoid the excruciating death of the virus.
Hotelpanicking (Terrified guest) Unknown
One woman who was not symptomatic was forcibly moved by two agents in gas masks to be quarantined with the other guests.

Hotel staff Edit

Picture Name Outcome of viral exposure
Craigphillips Craig Phillips Lethal infection
Craig Phillips was head of security at the Chandler Plaza Hotel during Day 3. When the virus was released, he greatly assisted CTU in securing the hotel and placating the terrified guests. When he began to show symptoms of the virus, he asked Michelle for a chance to speak to his wife one final time, but she was forced to refuse him.
Brucemargolis Bruce Margolis Unknown
Bruce Margolis was an employee at the Chandler Plaza hotel. When he overheard Gael Ortega in the hotel basement, he panicked and set off a fire alarm, then attempted to leave, but he was stopped by Michelle Dessler. Margolis was never shown to be symptomatic, so he may have survived the attack.
HotelguardDay3 (Hotel guard 1) Unknown
This subordinate working beneath Craig Phillips was exposed during the attack. (Whether he was infected or immune was not shown.)
BellmanSecur (Hotel guard 2) Lethal infection
This security guard exhibited symptoms and was among first to choose to take suicide capsules when CTU made them available, in order to avoid the excruciating death of the virus.

CTU first responders Edit

Picture Name Outcome of viral exposure
Gael Gael Ortega Lethal infection
Gael Ortega was the first victim to be infected by the Cordilla virus on Day 3. Although he managed to locate the dispersal device in the Chandler Plaza's basement, he was unable to shut it off before it released the virus all over his face and into the hotel's ventilation. Refusing to take his own life because of his faith, Gael suffered through the virus's symptoms and died around 5:45 AM.
MichelleShoots Michelle Dessler Immune: survived the ordeal
CTU agent Michelle Dessler contracted the Cordilla virus inside the hotel along with the rest of her team. However, she was later tested and discovered to be immune to the virus. Michelle left the hotel for National Health Services with another CTU agent and a hotel guest, both of whom were also immune to the virus. However, these two may have been killed by Stephen Saunders's men, who abducted Michelle shortly after she departed. (She was killed by a car bomb three years later.)
S3ep20 infected (Field agent) Lethal infection
A CTU field agent was a member of the advance team that entered the hotel to prevent Alvers from releasing the virus. After the release of the virus, he later received his test results from Dr. Macer at the same time as Michelle Dessler. The agent was infected and his death was guaranteed.
EdMiller Ed Miller Unknown
CTU agent Ed Miller was a member of the advance team that entered the hotel to prevent Alvers from releasing the virus. (He was exposed to the virus but whether he was infected or immune was not shown.)
Divhotelagent (Division agent) Unknown
An agent from Division was a member of the advance team that entered the hotel to prevent Alvers from releasing the virus. (He was exposed to the virus but whether he was infected or immune was not shown.)

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