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Cherry was one of the civilians who was forced into working at The Crankcase for the Night Rangers.

Cherry was rescued by Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds after they burned the strip club to the ground. After Jack and Chase dropped the civilians off at a mega-mart, Cherry told them that they couldn't run away because there were more hostages at Fort Blake. Cherry briefly explained how most of the civilians the bikers took in were forced to cook methamphetamine, while a majority of the women like her were turned into dancers or prostitutes. Cherry drew a makeshift map of the base for Jack and Chase, and both men left so they could destroy the fort. However, just as they were returning, Rydell and his bikers showed up at the mega-mart and took everyone hostage, including Cherry. Bauer returned to the mega-mart and killed Rydell and the other bikers, thus saving Cherry and the other civilians. (Deadline)

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