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Chuck was one of three civilians flying in a helicopter during Day 6.

Day 6 Edit

Chuck's Chopper Explodes

Chuck's chopper explodes

After the nuclear bomb explosion in Valencia, Chuck and his helicopter were thrown from the air. He got out, and panicked, calling for help in the crowded streets. He approached Jack Bauer, telling him that one of his friends was killed and another remained trapped in the helicopter crash. Chuck stated that he didn't see anything hit them, so Jack informed him that it was knocked out of the air by a shock wave from a nuclear blast. When the two climbed the roof, the survivor, Jeff, called out, asking if it was Chuck, and Jack managed to pull Jeff out of the chopper. However, the helicopter fell after the weight of Jeff was removed from it, and when it collapsed to the ground it exploded in a giant fireball.

Jeff heard from Chuck that Jack reported the mushroom cloud was from a nuclear bomb. Jeff feared for his family, which lived in Valencia, and began to head towards the location, but Jack told him that he would die from the radiation if he did. Jeff left, but Jack told Chuck to stop his friend from going home if he wanted to save his life.

Live appearancesEdit

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