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Cisco Systems was a company that created many of the technologies used by CTU Los Angeles and CTU New York as well as the White House.

Day 4 Edit

The computer operating systems used by Chloe O'Brian, Edgar Stiles and Lanza had Cisco software on them.

4x21 USA

Cisco software on a CTU computer

Day 6 Edit


Yuri Suvarov appears on the Cisco teleconference suite.

Vice President Noah Daniels and his staff communicated with Yuri Suvarov and the Russian staff using the Cisco TelePresence suite.

Day 8 Edit

Cisco's 'Telepresence' video conferencing software was used and it's video surveillance manager was extensively used particularly during the manhunt of Jack Bauer at the First Unity Savings Bank on Lexington, where Cisco's Video Surveillance Manager was used to run facial recognition through a series of IP cameras located on the interior and the exterior of the bank building. ("Day 8: 11:00am-12:00pm")

The United Nations building also used Cisco IP phones and were prominently seen in most conference & private rooms in the building.

Background information and notes Edit

1x18 Mason office phone

A Cisco phone in Season 1

  • Cisco was a corporate sponsor for FOX and the show throughout the series. 24 featured a number of different technologies belonging to Cisco during 24, particularly the use of its IP telephony and communication systems within CTU such as the use of video conferencing, firewall & IP camera solutions. Throughout the show, CTU used the Cisco IP 7960 Series along with newer models which were located in offices at the United Nations building.

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