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Cooper was a hired soldier working for Starkwood during Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

Cooper accompanied Stokes and other Starkwood commandos to the Port of Alexandria. Their mole, Carl Gadsen learned that the supposed electronics smuggling he was paid off for is actually a biological weapon, tipping off Stokes that he is untrustworthy. The commandos planned to murder Gadsen to tie off the loose end.

Once the container was unloaded, Cooper told Carl that his pay-off money is in the back of their truck, and Stokes sent him off to make the payment. However, he took him past the truck, pulled a gun on him and demanded that he collapse to his knees to be executed. Carl refuses, saying that he has to look him in the eyes when he kills him. Unfazed, Cooper raised the gun but was shot in the head by Jack Bauer with a suppressed rifle.

Background information and notes Edit

Live appearancesEdit

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