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D. Kevin Kelly (born May 11, 1976; age 40) played a CTU staffer during Season 8 of 24.

Biography and career Edit

D. Kevin Kelly was born in Santa Ana, California. He attended Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose, and later received a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Dance from Santa Clara University. Kelly also studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

Kelly's first credited role was in the 2007 TV movie Atlanta, along with John Billingsley and Freddie Prinze Jr.. After that, he has appeared in films like Awaken the Dead, Apocalypse, CA, Finding Hope (with James Morrison and Chris Mulkey), and Black Tar Road.

Aside of films, Kelly has appeared in several short films, as well as an appearance in the TV show Zoey 101.

24 credits Edit

Selected filmography Edit

  • Once Upon a Time in Queens (2013)
  • Black Tar Road (2012)
  • Finding Hope (2011)
  • Apocalypse, CA (2011)
  • Awaken the Dead (2007)

Television appearances

  • 24 (2010)
  • Zoey 101 (2007)

External links Edit

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