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Dan Bender was a Mossad agent posing as a Rabbi during the events of Trinity. He had a brother named Sam Bender and a sister in law, Miriam Bender.

Before Trinity Edit

Dan Bender was a big man, considered overweight, and yet still able to move with a nimbleness that eluded thinner men. He was known to have run marathons.

Trinity Edit

Bender conversed with Sheik Abdul al-Hassan and Father Sam Collins all conversed at a restaurant where a collection of clerics of different faiths, led by Cardinal Mulrooney, were located. Early the following morning, he sent an email to his brother, apologizing for being a bad Rabbi.

Later, at the Unity Conference, Bender searched for Sam Collins and Abdul al-Hassan, only finding the second man. After the attack on the Pope, he was rushed to a safe room. Giancarlo made sure he was alright, not noticing that Bender was in the room as well.

Jamey Farrell at CTU intercepted the apparent suicide note Bender sent to his brother. She informed Jack Bauer who noticed the Rabbi coming out of the same room with the Pope. Jack tackled Bender to the floor and the Pope was rushed away. However, Bender explained himself to be from the Mossad, and was tracking the Pope as the Israelis thought the U.S. too ignorant to follow a threat on their own soil. Jack confirmed that the Pope would be safe, as he was at St. Monicas.

After the threat to the Pope was neutralised, he wanted to thank Jack, Harry Driscoll, and Bender in person. As they went to meet him they encoutered Michael Shalhoub, who was undertaking his final attempt to kill the Pope. Giancarlo immediately shot, but Michael was not killed. Giancarlo dove to protect the Pope. Jack and Bender took some shots at Michael, but Bender was killed by Michael's return fire.

Live appearancesEdit

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