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Major Danko was the leader of the Spetsnaz operatives sent to Somalia to capture Jack Bauer.

Danko and his team met with Irina Corleeva in Sana'a, Yemen, where they were debriefed about their next mission and where Jack Bauer was last located. On their way to Berbera International Airport via plane, Danko and his team were redirected to Hargeisa once the pilot and copilot realized a SEAL team had been spotted in the area. After the team landed, Danko met with Ravil Lazarev; Lazarev gave Danko's team supplies, weapons, and a vehicle to use, and the Spetsnaz agents drove to Burao.

Danko and his team arrived in the town shortly after Maxwell Newbold and his team of mercenaries were killed. The team waited until Bauer was alone and away from the SEALs, and then Danko and the other three agents ambushed and kidnapped Bauer. Danko and his team kept Bauer subdued as they traveled to the airport, where Danko informed Bauer that he was only keeping him alive because his superiors demanded it. The team returned to Hargeisa International Airport and got on the plane, ready to take Bauer to Russia. Before they could leave, Jiro Chu sabotaged the plane's electronics that prevented them from taking off. Frustrated, Danko told the mechanics to fix the plane as soon as possible before he ordered his agents to take Bauer off the plane so they could head to one of their safe houses. Danko called Dmitry Markoff while at the safe house and informed him of the situation. Knowing his team was at risk, Danko suggested to Markoff that they get a recording of Bauer confessing to the crimes he committed during Day 8, to which Markoff agreed so long as the confession was adequate.

Seeing no other option, Danko ordered his men to wake up Bauer. Once he was up, Danko told Bauer that if he confessed to killing Mikhail Novakovich, along with all the other Russian government officials, he wouldn't take Bauer to Russia. When Bauer refused to comply, Danko started to waterboard Bauer in an attempt to get him to talk. However, when Captain Soltsin noticed that Danko was using too much water, he tried to put a stop to the interrogation, and Danko got into a scuffle with his team. Danko tried to free himself after Soltsin restrained him, but during the fight, Bauer managed to attack Danko despite still being restrained. Bauer kicked against Danko's knife as he held it in his hands, and the Spetsnaz operative inadvertently drove his own knife into his chest. (Rogue)

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