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This is a list of characters who were antagonists in Season 1 of 24: Legacy, or Day 10.

Bin-Khalid cell Edit

  • Jadalla Bin-Khalid – son of the late Ibrahim Bin-Khalid, dedicated to fulfilling his father's plan by recovering and activating his sleeper cells across the country
    • Kusuma – one of Ibrahim's most loyal soldiers, reluctantly assisting Jadalla
    • Several jihadis, including:
    • Malik Al-Sabi – led the team sent to kill the Army Ranger team and recover the stolen list. Stabbed to death by Eric Carter.
    • Asim Naseri – an individual known to Eric Carter, undercover with Bin-Khalid's cell under a different identity

Sleeper cells Edit

Before his death, Ibrahim Bin-Khalid established fifteen unaffiliated sleeper cells (both homegrown and state-sponsored) with designated activation codes throughout the United States, poised to launch attacks when signaled.

Other terrorist cells included, by target:

Gabriel and associates Edit

Donovan campaign Edit

Isaac Carter assassination conspiracy Edit

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Ben Grimes – a disturbed Army Ranger in possession of the list, threatening to sell it to the highest bidder. Shot and killed by Gabriel's lieutenant Ferro.

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