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This page lists deaths confirmed to have happened during the course of 24 spin-off media, including novels, comics, and video games. For deaths in the series, see Deaths on 24.


Season 4 Prequel Edit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death Cause of death
1 Mexican coyote Tomas Sherek Shot
2-3 Mexican coyotes Tomas Sherek Explosion

Season 5 Prequel Edit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death Cause of death
1 BMW driver Himself Drove into forklift

Season 6 Prequel Edit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death Cause of death
1 Hong Wai Cheng Zhi Shot

The Raid Edit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death Cause of death
1 Bin-Khalid soldier Eric Carter 2:57am Shot
2 Bin-Khalid soldier Army Ranger & Eric Carter 2:57am Shot
3 Bin-Khalid window soldier Army Ranger 2:57am Shot
4 Bin-Khalid grenade soldier Eric Carter 2:57am Shot
5 Bin-Khalid soldier Army Ranger & Eric Carter 2:57am Explosion and shot
6 Bin-Khalid soldier Stewart 2:59am Shot


Times are approximate.

Operation Hell GateEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1-2 US marshals Frank Hensley 9:13pm
3 Bartender Dante's hitmen 11:34pm
4 Dante's hitman Yuri 11:35pm
5 Nicolo Dante's hitmen 11:35pm
6 Dante's hitman Jack Bauer 11:42pm
7 Dante's hitman Georgi Timko 11:43pm
8 Alexi Dante's hitmen 12:12am
9 Dante Arete Griffin Lynch 1:57am
10 Dante's lieutenant Griffin Lynch 1:57am
11 Green Dragon Computers supervisor Jessica Schneider 4:36am
12 Green Dragon Computers thug Jessica Schneider 4:40am-4:59am
13 Khan's henchman FBI agents 7:12am
14 Khan's henchman FBI agents 7:13am
unknown FBI agents Khan's henchmen 7:55am
15 Borak Borak 8:14am
16 Donnie Murphy Griffin Lynch 9:21am
17 Mickey Chen Acid 10:02am
18 Danielle Henkel Acid 10:02am
19 Khan Ali Kahlil Khan Ali Kahlil 10:03am
20 Tarik Jack Bauer 1:11pm
21-22 Wexler thugs Jack Bauer 1:12pm
23 NYPD officer Wexler thug 1:13pm
24 Wexler thug Jack Bauer 1:14pm
25-26 Wexler thugs Jack Bauer 1:15pm
27-29 Asian assailants Tony Almeida 2:03pm
30 Asian assailant Tony Almeida 2:04pm
31 Felix Tanner Assassins 3:40pm
32 Fiona Brice Assassin 3:51pm
33 Shamus Lynch Shamus Lynch 4:14pm
34 Assassin Jack Bauer 4:23pm
35 Assassin Jack Bauer 4:39pm
36 Assassin Jack Bauer 4:50pm
37 Terrorists (1 minimum) Georgi Timko 4:59pm
38-39 Terrorists Jack Bauer 8:35pm
40 Griffin Lynch Caitlin O'Connor 8:36pm
41 Omar Bayat Jack Bauer 8:37pm
42 Taj Ali Kahlil Jack Bauer 8:39pm
unknown Terrorists Jack Bauer 8:39pm
43 Frank Hensley Jack Bauer 8:40pm

Veto PowerEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Danny Jack Bauer 3:20am
2-4 Greater Nation militiamen (3) SEB officers 3:20am
5-6 Greater Nation militiamen (2) Jack Bauer 7:30am
6 Greater Nation militiaman Jack Bauer 8:25am
7 Greater Nation militiaman CTU agent 8:30am
8 Armenian bodyguard Jack Bauer 4:50pm
9 Babak Farrah Jack Bauer 5:00pm
10 Bob Lundquist Jet explosion 8:15pm
11 Greater Nation militiaman Jack Bauer 12:55am
12 Greater Nation militiaman EMP bomb 12:55am
13 Frank Newhouse Brett Marks 1:35am
14 Brett Marks Jack Bauer 2:45am

Trojan HorseEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Utopia Studios guard Chet Blackburn 5:50am
2 Thelma Layton Ibn al Farad 8:10am
3-11 Retreat campers (9) Ibn al Farad 8:10am
12 California State Trooper Ibn al Farad 9:20am
13-20 Stagehands Haroun 10:05am
21 Fay Hubley Chechen 10:59am
22-26 LAPD officers (5 minimum) Saudi soldiers 11:35am
27-29 Saudi soldiers (3) Jack Bauer 11:40am
30 Saudi soldier Jerry Alder 11:40am
31 Valerie Dodge Katya 1:18pm
32 Raschid Ja'far al-Salah 1:55pm
33 Hourani Ja'far al-Salah 1:55pm
34 Nareesa al-Bustani Ja'far al-Salah 2:05pm
35 Omar al Farad Ja'far al-Salah 2:05pm
36 Ja'far al-Salah Jack Bauer 2:06pm
37 Ordog Milo Pressman 3:07pm
38 Yasmina Nina Myers 4:50pm
39 Saaid Saaid 4:55pm
40-42 Chechen mercenaries Tony Almeida 6:20pm
43 Ray Dobyns Tony Almeida 6:25pm
44 Katya Katya 6:35pm
45-68 Chamberlain spectators and security guards (24 minimum) Chechen terrorists 7:05pm
69 Tomas Morales Chechen terrorist 7:06pm
70 Cynthia Richel Chechen terrorist 7:06pm
unknown Booth security guards Chechen terrorists 7:06pm
71-72 Chechen mercenaries Tony Almeida 7:10pm
73 Vladimir Borodin Chechen terrorist 7:15pm
74 Richard Lesser Richard Lesser 8:15pm
75 Dennis Winthrop Chechen terrorist 8:30pm
76 Nancy Colburn Chechen terrorist 8:30pm
77-78 LAFD firefighters Chechen terrorists 8:50pm
unknown LAPD SWAT officers Chechen terrorists 8:50pm
79 Chechen terrorist Jack Bauer 2:45am
80 Bastian Grost Jack Bauer 2:45am
81-84 Chechen suicide bombers CTU undercover agents 2:45am
85-103 Chechen terrorists (19) CTU snipers 2:45am

Cat's ClawEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 McKey Nick Dyson 11:20am
2 Sanchez Ayman al-Libbi 12:25pm
3 Nick Dyson Tony Almeida 2:35pm
4 Bernard Copeland Frankie Michaelmas 4:15pm
5 Nurmamet Tuman Ayman al-Libbi 5:05pm
6 Clay Lonis Ayman al-Libbi 5:30pm
7-8 Secret Service agents (2 minimum) Ayman al-Libbi 5:30pm
9 ETIM terrorist Jack Bauer 6:05pm
10 Kelly Sharpton Ayman al-Libbi 7:55pm
11 Frankie Michaelmas Cat's Claw 8:25pm
12 Neidemeyer Iranian operatives 9:45pm
13 Todd Romond Iranian operatives 9:45pm
14-15 Iranian operatives (2) Jack Bauer 11:15pm
16 Susan Iranian operatives 12:00am
17-18 Iranian operatives (3) Jack Bauer 12:45am
19 Pico Santiago Fall 12:55am
20-21 Plush bouncers (2 minimum) Iranian operatives 2:25am
unknown Plush patrons Iranian operatives 2:30am
22-23 Iranian operatives (2) Mercy Bennett 2:30am
24 Eshmail Nouri Jack Bauer 3:45am
25-27 Iranian operatives (3) Jack Bauer 3:45am
28 Muhammad Abbas Ayman al-Libbi 5:20am
29 Ayman al-Libbi Jack Bauer 5:30am
30 Mercy Bennet Cat's Claw 6:15am

Vanishing PointEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1-2 Pedestrians (2) Francesco Rojas
3 Waiter Francesco Rojas
4 Francesco Rojas Tony Almeida
5 Chollo Jack Bauer
6 Gordon Harrow y Guiterrez Gordon Harrow y Guiterrez
7 Boy Gordon Harrow y Guiterrez
8 Max Farrow Don Driscoll unknown
9 Ray Perry Don Driscoll unknown
10 Coyote Cuban mercenaries 1:58pm
11 Mexican banker Cuban mercenaries 1:58pm
12 Banker's wife Cuban mercenaries 1:58pm
13 Banker's daughter Cuban mercenaries 1:58pm
14 Cuban mercenary Curtis Manning 7:05pm
15 Cuban mercenary Curtis Manning 7:10pm
16 Lev Cohen Yizi 8:10pm
17 Philip Locklear Hector 9:25pm
18 Hector Curtis Manning 9:25pm
19 Brad Dallas Salazar 9:27pm
20-25 Bix's hitmen (6) Jack Bauer 10:45pm
26 Don Driscoll Wildman 10:45pm
27 Wildman Jack Bauer 10:45pm
28 Hugo Bix Balboa Rojas 11:05pm
29 Eli Blumenthal Balboa Rojas 11:05pm
30 Bix's henchmen (1 minimum) Balboa Rojas 11:05pm
31 Cub Tanner Balboa Rojas 11:15pm
32 Gus Fellows Balboa Rojas 11:15pm
33-41 Babylon Hotel guests and staff (9 minimum) Balboa Rojas 11:15pm
42-43 LVFD firemen (2) Balboa Rojas 12:40am
44 Balboa Rojas Jack Bauer 1:15am
45-60 McCarran employees,
U.S. Air Force personnel (16 minimum)
Chinese operatives 2:00am
61 Trudi Hwang Beverly Chang 2:55am
62 Beverly Chang Yizi 3:10am
63 Civilian worker Jong Lee 3:30am
64-65 Groom Lake security staff (2 minimum) Anh Hsu's unit 3:30am
66-67 Air Force mechanics (2) Chinese operatives 4:05am
68 Steve Sable Tony Almeida 4:10am
69 Stratowski Chinese operatives 4:45am
70 Sahn Tony Almeida 5:20am
71 Suh Tony Almeida 5:20am
72 Bah Tony Almeida 5:20am
73 Shi-uhr Tony Almeida 5:20am
74 Enrico Tony Almeida 5:20am
75 Roland Arrias Tony Almeida 5:20am
76 Manuel Tony Almeida 8:55am
77 Cuban mercenary Tony Almeida 9:15am
78 Cuban mercenary Tony Almeida 9:25am
79 Carlos Boca Tony Almeida 9:25am
80 Pizarro Rojas Yizi 10:10am
81 Chinese operative Jack Bauer 10:20am
82-84 Chinese operatives (3) Tony Almeida 10:20am
85 Phillip Bascomb Chinese operatives 10:30am
86 Chinese operative Tony Almeida 11:00am
87 Anh Hsu Jack Bauer 11:20am
88-89 Chinese operatives (2 minimum) Nina Myers 11:25am
90-91 Chinese operatives (2 minimum) Curtis Manning 11:30am
92 Jong Lee Jack Bauer 11:35am

Chaos TheoryEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Adam Cox Ferg 9:22pm
2 Jehovah's Witness Zapata 10:40pm
3 Jemaah Islamiyah member Dan Pascal 4:55am
4-5 LAPD officers (2) Vanowen's sniper 4:57am
6 Vanowen's sniper Jack Bauer 4:59am
7 Vanowen Francis Aguillar 5:25am
8 Emil Ramirez Francis Aguillar 5:25am
9 Francis Aguillar Jack Bauer 5:30am
10 Sergei Petrenko Sue Mishler 2:15pm
11 Franko Jack Bauer 2:15pm
12 Oscar Cisneros Jack Bauer 3:27pm
13 Smiley Lopez Peter Jiminez 4:15pm
14 Peter Jiminez Jack Bauer 7:04pm
15 LAPD chopper crew (1 minimum) Zapata 7:34pm
16 Zapata Jack Bauer 7:55pm

Storm ForceEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Ramon Espinosa Dixie Lee N/A
2 Aldo Baca Dixie Lee N/A
3 Dixie Lee Martello Paz N/A
4 Assassin Pete Malo N/A
5 Hermann Ost Jack Bauer N/A
6 Assassin Martello Paz N/A
7 Beatriz Ortiz Jack Bauer / Pete Malo N/A
8 Topham Torres N/A
9 Beauclerk Rubio N/A
10 Lonnie Rubio N/A
11 Supremo sentry Vasco N/A
12 Supremo rifleman Martello Paz N/A
13 Sancho Supremo gunner N/A
14 Septiembre Supremo gunner N/A
15 Ramon Supremo gunner N/A
16-17 Supremo gunners Fierro N/A
18 Aguilar Supremo gunners N/A
19 Joaquin Paz's hitmen N/A
20 Ybarra Carrancha N/A
unknown Supremo gunners Paz's hitmen N/A
21 Felix Monatero Martello Paz N/A
22 Supremo rifleman Fierro N/A
23 Carrancha Supremo rifleman / Martello Paz N/A
24 Rubio Hector Beltran N/A
25 Torres Hector Beltran N/A
26 Moreno Hector Beltran N/A
27 Hector Beltran Martello Paz N/A
28 Martello Paz Jack Bauer N/A
29 Fierro CTU field agent N/A
30 Pete Malo Arno Puce N/A
31 Silva Jack Bauer N/A
32 Rex de Groot Jack Bauer / Snakes N/A
33 Arno Puce Jack Bauer N/A
34 Ahmed U.S. Coast Guard N/A
35 Rashid U.S. Coast Guard N/A
36 Prince Hassani Fedallah's gunmen N/A
37 Imam Omar Fedallah's gunmen N/A
38 Vollard mercenary Jack Bauer N/A
39-49 Vollard mercenaries CTU field agents N/A
50 Hathaway Marc Vollard N/A
51 Marc Vollard Jack Bauer N/A

Collateral DamageEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Angelo De Salvo Jack Bauer 7:05am
2 Janice Baker Farshid Amadani 7:58am
3-4 CTU New York guards (2) Serbian hitman 8:32am
5 Fredo Mangella Jack Bauer 9:55am
6 Jason Emmerick Warriors of God followers 10:02am
7 Douglas Leight Warriors of God followers 10:02am
8 Petey Erno Tobias 10:10am
9 Thirteen Gang member Jack Bauer 10:55am
10 Serb mercenary Tony Almeida 10:55am
11-12 Serb mercenaries (2) Jack Bauer 12:50pm
13 Alexi Szudamenko Jack Bauer 1:59pm
14 Emily Reed Kurmastan resident 2:38pm
15 Simonson Kurmastan resident 2:38pm
16 Thirteen Gang member Thirteen Gang member 2:38pm
17 Rachel Delgado Tony Almeida 3:10pm
18 Hocklinger Kurmastan residents 3:50pm
19 James Wendell Ahern Kurmastan residents 4:22pm
20 Kurmastan old man Brice Holman 4:30pm
22-23 Kurmastan residents (2) Brice Holman 4:30pm
25 Joe Cranston Kurmastan residents 4:30pm
26 Abby Cranston Kurmastan residents 4:30pm
27 Kurmastan boy Brice Holman 4:30pm
28-29 Kurmastan women (2) Brice Holman 4:40pm
30 Kurmastan man Brice Holman 4:40pm
31 Kurmastan teen Danielle Taylor 5:35pm
32 Kurmastan woman Jack Bauer 5:40pm
33-34 Kurmastan women (2) Layla Abernathy 5:40pm
unknown Kurmastan residents Explosion 5:55pm
35 Brice Holman Kurmastan residents 7:15pm
36 Luddie Kuzma Vernon Greene 7:48pm
37-38 Pennsylvania State Police troopers (2) Vernon Greene 7:50pm
39-391 Bombing victims in:
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Rutland, Vermont
Boston, Massachusetts
Warriors of God 7:50pm – 7:00am
391-392 Meadowlands guards (2) Warriors of God 8:10pm
393-401 Warriors of God (9) U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers 8:45pm
402 Terrorist driver Farshid Amadani 9:25pm
403 Farshid Amadani Farshid Amadani 9:25pm
406-408 Warriors of God Farshid Amadani 9:25pm
409 Darla Famini Warriors of God 10:59pm
410 Archie Lamb Warriors of God 10:59pm
411-1,210 General Aviation Electronics employees (800) Warriors of God 10:59pm
1,211 Atlantic City police officer Warriors of God 11:50pm
1,212 Warrior of God Atlantic City police officers 12:25am
unknown U.S. Navy Military Police officers Warriors of God 12:45am
unknown Warriors of God U.S. Navy Military Police officers 12:45am
1,213 Erno Tobias Erno Tobias 12:58am
1,214-1,215 Engineers (2) Ibrahim Noor 1:20am
1,216 Jackson Jack Bauer 2:20am
1,217-1,218 Thirteen Gang members (2) Jack Bauer 2:30am
1,219 Tyrell Jack Bauer 2:30am
1,220-1,221 Thirteen Gang members (2) Jack Bauer 2:40am
1,222 Roderick Cannon Warrior of God 3:15am
1,223 Warrior of God Claudia Wheelock 3:15am
unknown Terrorists in Langley and Washington, D.C. CTU agents 3:30am
1,224 Dubic Tony Almeida 3:48am
1,225 Sonya Klebb Tony Almeida 3:48am
1,226-1,227 Warriors of God (2) Mike Gorman and Chuck Romeo 4:45am
1,228-1,233 Thirteen Gang members (6) Judith Foy 5:45am
1,234 Scientist Judith Foy 5:46am
1,235 Thirteen Gang member Tony Almeida 5:46am
1,236 Said al Kabbibi Christopher Henderson 6:53am
1,237 Ibrahim Noor Christopher Henderson 6:53am
1,238 Soren Ungar Robert Ellis 6:57am


Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Ramin Ahmadi Michael Shalhoub 6:08pm
2 Frank Giggs Don Biehn 9:40pm
3 Earl Smithies SWAT team 10:20pm
4 Abdul al-Hassan Marwan al-Hassan 11:42pm
5 Michael's assailant Jack Bauer 2:25am
6 Don Biehn Michael's assailant 2:26am
7 Michael's assailant Jack Bauer 2:26am
8 Sam Collins Pembrooke 5:28am
9 Dean Schrock Jack Bauer 6:17am
10 Doogan Jack Bauer 6:17am
11 Barny Jack Bauer 6:17am
12-14 Dean's bikers (3 minimum) Jack Bauer 6:17am
15 Diana Christie Gary Khalid's bomb 9:20am
16 Marwan al-Hassan Michael Shalhoub 1:55pm
17-18 Giancarlo's guards (2 minimum) Michael Shalhoub 3:15pm
19 Giancarlo Mettler Michael Shalhoub 3:42pm
20 Dan Bender Michael Shalhoub 3:43pm
21 Aimes Jack Bauer 3:50pm-3:59pm
22 Duvaine Jack Bauer 3:50pm-3:59pm
23 Wittenberg Jack Bauer 4:02pm
24 Harry Driscoll Michael Shalhoub 4:48pm
25 Pembrooke Jack Bauer 5:19pm
26 Michael Shalhoub Jack Bauer 5:20pm
27 Abdul Rahman Yasin Nina Myers 5:22pm

Head ShotEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Lobo Weld's commando N/A
2 Frank Neal Weld's commando N/A
3 Weld's commando Jack Bauer N/A
4 Holtz Weld's commando N/A
5-6 Weld's commandos Frith & Sanchez N/A
7 Weld's commando Frith N/A
8 Weld's commando Sanchez N/A
9-10 Weld's commandos Jack Bauer N/A
11 Frith Weld's commandos N/A
12 Sanchez Weld's commandos N/A
13 Bailey Weld's commandos N/A
14 Anne Armstrong Weld's commandos N/A
15 Weld's partner Bear N/A
16 Brad Oliver Arthur Pettibone N/A
17 Sharon Stallings Griff N/A
18 Miller Fisk Rowdy N/A
19 Cole Taggart Jack Bauer N/A
20 Bryce Hardin Jack Bauer N/A
21 Winnetou sentry Griff N/A
22-29 Winnetou commandos (8 minimum) Jack Bauer, Griff, Rowdy N/A
30-35 Brand Agency board operators Larry Noone N/A
36 Weld's sentry Jack Bauer N/A
37 Arthur Pettibone Loogan N/A
38 Loogan Jack Bauer N/A
39 Al Baranco Jack Bauer N/A
40 Grant Graham Jack Bauer N/A
41 Weld's commando Rowdy N/A
42 Gordon Weld Jack Bauer N/A
43 Rowdy Weld's commando N/A
44 Larry Noone Jack Bauer N/A
45 Cabot Wright Marion Clary N/A

Death AngelEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Helen Veitch Jack Bauer N/A
2 Torreon Blanco's spotter Lassiter N/A
3 Barnes' thug Diablo Cruz N/A
4 Quinto Barnes' thug N/A
5-6 Barnes' thugs Varrin N/A
7 Barnes' thug Porky N/A
8 Speedy Barnes Lassiter N/A
9 Ralston Jack Bauer N/A
10 Nacio Jack Bauer N/A
11-12 Pardee's gunmen Jack Bauer N/A
13-14 Pardee's gunmen Jack Bauer N/A
15 Croft Jack Bauer N/A
16 Steve Jack Bauer N/A
17 Gene Parkhurst Tommy Burke N/A
18 Gladys Parkhurst Tommy Burke N/A
19 Tommy Burke Harvey Kling N/A
20 Chino Valdosta Harvey Kling N/A
21 Harvey Kling Tommy Burke & Chino Valdosta N/A
22 Cisco Jack Bauer N/A
23 Wade Chet Hickman N/A
24 Maxie Arnot Jack Bauer N/A
25 Harry Stempler Orne Lewis N/A
26 Chet Hickman Orne Lewis N/A
27 Gabe McCoy Hugh Carlson N/A
28 Dennison's partner Jack Bauer N/A
29 Hoke Jack Bauer & Orne Lewis N/A
30 Alvarado Orne Lewis N/A
31 Jim Merritt Orne Lewis N/A
32 Pardee's gunman Orne Lewis N/A
33 Dennison Pardee's gunmen N/A
34 Orne Lewis Pardee's gunmen N/A
35 Varrin Pardee N/A
36 Hank Ketch Lassiter N/A
37 Diablo Cruz Lassiter N/A
38 Reed Teed Pardee's gunmen N/A
39 Slim Pardee's gunmen N/A
40 Pablo Obregon Pardee's gunmen N/A
41 Porky Pardee's gunmen N/A
42 Arnold Matti Pardee's gunmen N/A
43 Norvil Nolles Pardee's gunmen N/A
unknown Varrin's gang Pardee's gunmen N/A
44 Max Scourby Torreon Blanco N/A
45 Brazos Jack Bauer N/A
46-48 Blanco riflemen (3 minimum) Jack Bauer N/A
49 Adam Zane Torreon Blanco N/A
50 Torreon Blanco FBI agents N/A
51 Hugh Carlson Blanco's thugs N/A
52 Marta Blanco Jane Miller N/A
53 Jane Miller Jack Bauer N/A


Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Brodur Jack Bauer N/A
2 Barbara Roker Dimitri Yolkin N/A
3 Mike Roker Dimitri Yolkin N/A
4 Sammy Jack Bauer N/A
5 Night Ranger Jack Bauer N/A
6 Crankcase dancer Night Ranger N/A
7 Night Ranger Chase Edmunds N/A
8-9 Night Rangers Jack Bauer N/A
10 Night Ranger Laurel Tenn N/A
unknown Night Rangers Fire N/A
11 Civilian Benjamin Rydell N/A
12 Hector Matlow Arkady Bazin N/A
13-14 Night Rangers Jack Bauer N/A
15 Night Ranger Chase Edmunds N/A
16 Night Ranger Jack Bauer N/A
unknown Civilians Night Rangers N/A
unknown Night Rangers Jack Bauer N/A
17 Night Ranger Chase Edmunds N/A
18 Chase Edmunds Benjamin Rydell N/A
19 Marshall Jack Bauer N/A
20 Fang Jack Bauer N/A
21-22 Night Rangers Mandy N/A
23-28 Night Rangers (6 minimum) Jack Bauer N/A
29 Sticks Jack Bauer N/A
30 Benjamin Rydell Jack Bauer N/A
unknown Helicopter crew Dimitri Yolkin N/A
31 SVR operative Mandy N/A
32 SVR pilot Jack Bauer N/A
33 Mager Mandy N/A
34 Dimitri Yolkin Jack Bauer N/A
35-37 CTU agents Ekel N/A
38 Ekel Jack Bauer N/A
39 Lenkov Arkady Bazin N/A
40 Arkady Bazin Stephen Wesley & Jack Bauer N/A
41 Arthur Nemec Arthur Nemec N/A


Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Simon Dedrick Sadiq Khalif Fárah N/A
2 Shattuck Osman's pirates N/A
3-7 Shattuck's mercenaries Osman's pirates N/A
8 Miguel Blancaflor Sadiq Khalif Fárah N/A
9 Caadil, Yasir, or Faaruq Jack Bauer N/A
10 Yasir, Faaruq, or Caadil Jack Bauer N/A
11 Faaruq, Yasir, or Caadil Jack Bauer N/A
12 Callum Trent Sadiq Khalif Fárah N/A
13 Thai crew member Sadiq Khalif Fárah N/A
14 Markus Rohde Sadiq Khalif Fárah N/A
15 Dieter Stutzman Osman, Feysal, & Abiid N/A
16 Johan Schupp Osman, Feysal, & Abiid N/A
17 Yiram Osman, Feysal, & Abiid N/A
unknown Barataria crew members Osman, Feysal, & Abiid N/A
18-21 Feysal, Abiid, Ahmed, & Ashkir Jack Bauer N/A
22 Osman's pirate Jack Bauer N/A
23 Samir or Khaled Jack Bauer N/A
24 Khaled or Samir Jack Bauer N/A
25 Hamal Jack Bauer N/A
26 Saleem Jack Bauer N/A
27 Yusuf Jack Bauer N/A
28-29 Dubad & Luqmaan Jack Bauer N/A
30 Osman's pirate Jack Bauer N/A
31 Sadiq Khalif Fárah Jack Bauer N/A
32 Jibríl Jack Bauer N/A
33 Osman Xasan Muhamad Jack Bauer N/A
34-41 Newbold's mercenaries Jack Bauer N/A
42 Cigaal Newbold's mercenaries N/A
43 Gutaale Newbold's mercenaries N/A
44-86 Somalis (43 minimum) Firethorn mercenaries N/A
87 Marwan Firethorn mercenaries N/A
88 Kulame Firethorn mercenaries N/A
89 Bashir Ćawil Hanad Firethorn mercenaries N/A
unknown Berbera International Airport police Firethorn mercenaries N/A
90 Firethorn mercenary Jack Bauer N/A
91-95 Firethorn mercenaries Abigail Harper N/A
unknown Firethorn mercenaries Jack Bauer & Abigail Harper N/A
96-97 Beyer & Permenter Yant N/A
98-103 Firethorn mercenaries Burnett's SEAL team N/A
104 Osan Hadid Kamal Abigail Harper N/A
105 Kamal's second-in-command Qeyd N/A
106 Firethorn mercenary Jack Bauer N/A
107 Firethorn mercenary Abigail Harper N/A
108 Mergenthaler Jack Bauer N/A
109 Firethorn mercenary Grenade explosion N/A
110 James Sealander Yant N/A
111 T.J. Andrzejczyk Yant N/A
112 Maxwell Newbold Yant N/A
113-118 Firethorn mercenaries Yant N/A
119 Arkady Malenkov Mandy N/A
120 Grigor Nikunin Mandy N/A
121 Yuri Puleshko Mandy N/A
122 Antek Mandy N/A
123 Georg Olaf N/A
124 Danko Jack Bauer N/A
125-126 Titov & Yakunin Abigail Harper N/A
127 Soltsin Jack Bauer N/A

Trial by FireEdit


One ShotEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Landon McGinnis mercenary 7:23pm
2 Taylor Tim McGinnis 7:24pm
3 McGinnis mercenary Dillon 10:00pm
4 Dillon Megan 12:00am
5-7 McGinnis mercenaries Jack Bauer & Solof 12:00am-1:00am
8-9 CTU agents Megan 3:10am
10 Solof Megan 4:40am
11 McGinnis pilot Trent 6:07am
12 Megan Jack Bauer 8:14am
13 Maggie Jack Bauer 8:15am
14 Tim McGinnis Jack Bauer 9:01am


Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Harry CLF terrorist 2:25pm
unknown Hotel Long Beach workers CLF terrorists 2:00pm-3:00pm
2-3 VIP security guards CLF terrorists 3:00pm
4 Hotel Long Beach worker CLF terrorist 3:35pm
5 Hotel guest CLF terrorists' turret 5:00pm
unknown Impacto Burger employees and civilians CLF terrorists 6:05pm
unknown Gas station employees and civilians CLF terrorists 1:45am
6 Bucho Enrique Hinojosa 5:05am
7 Julio Enrique Hinojosa 5:06am
8 Angelo Marcella Jack Bauer 5:06am
9-10 CLF terrorists Jack Bauer 9:56am
unknown CLF terrorists Jack Bauer 9:57am-10:00am
11 Imran Geshayev Jack Bauer 10:02am
12 Isa Jack Bauer 10:03am

Midnight SunEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Mike Wendell Adams 1:25pm
2 Joseph McGuckin Wendell Adams 1:25pm
3 Wendell Adams Wendell Adams 1:25pm
4 Chuck Fitzsimmons Kristen Doehring 8:21am
5 Jim Kuhoric Jack Bauer 12:25pm
6 Trinetta Anderson Jack Bauer 12:48pm
7 Jamie David Jack Bauer 12:59pm


Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Dave Evans Land mine 12:30am
2-9 Serbian soldiers Jack Bauer & Delta Strike team 4:07am
10-14 Serbian police officers Al Crenshaw 6:00am
15 Civilian Serbian officer 8:40am
16-23 Civilians (8 minimum) Serbian soldiers 9:40am
24-25 Serbian soldiers Al Crenshaw 11:45am
26 David Petrovic Serbian soldiers 11:46am
27-29 Serbian soldiers Delta Strike team 12:08pm
30 Serbian soldiers (1 minimum) Delta Strike team 12:11pm
31-32 Serbian soldiers Al Crenshaw 12:25pm
33 Milankovic Crnjanski 1:32pm
unknown Drazen's soldiers and associates Falling Stone 3:54pm
34 Alexander Lepenski Anna Petrovic 4:35pm
35 Ronnie Pope Anna Petrovic 4:36pm
36 Al Crenshaw Anna Petrovic 4:37pm
37 Anna Petrovic Jack Bauer 4:39pm
38-39 Serbian guards Stephen Saunders 11:40pm
40 Serbian guard Jack Bauer 11:41pm
41 Bill Kendall Bill Kendall 11:43pm
unknown Serbian guards Bill Kendall 11:43pm
unknown Drazen's soldiers and associates Diehard 11:45pm

Cold WarriorsEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 CTU security guard Fedor N/A
2 Ted Randy Bishop N/A
unknown CTU agents Malenov's terrorists N/A
3-5 Malenov terrorists Amy Seelaki N/A
6 Malenov terrorist Jack Bauer N/A
7 CTU agent Malenov terrorist N/A
8-10 Malenov terrorists Jack Bauer & Amy Seelaki N/A
11 CTU agent Malenov terrorist N/A
12-13 Malenov terrorists Jack Bauer N/A
14 Randy Bishop Katrina N/A
15 Katrina Jack Bauer N/A
16 Sergei Jack Bauer N/A
17 Dimitri Jack Bauer N/A
18 Fedor Amy Seelaki N/A
19 Oleg Malenov Jack Bauer N/A


Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Roman Vlacic Mishka Grenkov N/A
2 Dock security guard Grenkov's thugs N/A
3 Artur Jack Bauer N/A
4 Grenkov thug Jack Bauer N/A
5 Uri Jack Bauer N/A
6 Sasho Jack Bauer N/A
7 Grenkov thug Jack Bauer N/A
8 Nestor Sofiya Vlacic N/A
9 Abram Sofiya Vlacic N/A
10-11 Grenkov thugs CIA agents N/A
12 Petro Vlacic Grenkov thugs N/A
13 CIA agents (1 minimum) Anton & his thugs N/A
14 Alik Jack Bauer N/A
15 Mishka Grenkov David N/A

Video gamesEdit

Only mandatory deaths are included.

The GameEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Perez Chase Edmunds 7:21am
2 Tarket Chase Edmunds 7:38am
3 Carr Chase Edmunds 7:41am
4-5 Security guards Daniels' mercenaries 8:17am
6-7 Civilians Daniels' mercenaries 8:17am
8 Rodriguez Jack Bauer 8:20am
9 Bradley Jack Bauer 8:49am
10 O'Neil Jack Bauer 8:50am
11 Van assailant Secret Service agents 9:52am
12-13 Secret Service agents (2 minimum) Daniels' snipers 9:53am
14-24 Daniels' snipers Jack Bauer 9:50am-9:55am
25-26 CTU personnel (2 minimum) Madsen's mercenaries 1:03pm
27 Sean Walker Peter Madsen 1:59pm
28 Sid Wilson Peter Madsen 2:02pm
29 CTU agent Madsen's mercenaries 2:02pm
30 Wilson's mercenaries (1 minimum) Madsen's mercenaries 2:03pm
31-32 Madsen's mercenaries (2 minimum) CTU field agents 2:03pm
33 CTU field agent Joseph Sin-Chung 2:04pm
34-35 Madsen's helicopter crew (2 minimum) Jack Bauer 2:36pm
36-38 Madsen's mercenaries (3 minimum) Wilson's mercenaries 4:30pm-4:45pm
39-58 Wilson's mercenaries (20 minimum) Chase Edmunds & Madsen's mercenaries 4:30pm-4:45pm
59-60 Tech Lab security guards Peter Madsen 5:57pm
61-65 Del Toro's guards (5 minimum) Jack Bauer 6:46pm
66-67 Madsen's mercenaries Jack & Kim Bauer 8:02pm
68-77 Madsen's mercenaries (10 minimum) Tony Almeida 9:25pm-9:27pm
78 CTU field agent Madsen sniper 9:37pm
79-93 Madsen's snipers (15 minimum) Jack Bauer 9:38pm-9:42pm
94 Evans Madsen mercenary 9:51pm
95-124 Madsen's mercenaries (30 minimum) Jack Bauer 9:52pm-9:57pm
unknown Civilians Madsen's bomb / Earthquake 9:58pm
125 Landis Madsen's bomb / Earthquake 9:59pm
126 Jody James Radford 11:57pm
127 Sin-Chung's hacker Chase Edmunds 12:20am
128 Madsen's mercenary Jack Bauer 1:13am
129-139 Madsen's mercenaries (11 minimum) Jack Bauer 1:50am-1:55am
140 Sin-Chung's mercenary (1 minimum) Chase Edmunds 2:10am
141 Joseph Sin-Chung Chase Edmunds 2:15am
142 Kathy Weis Helicopter assailant 2:30am
143 James Radford Mandy 3:01am
144-145 Madsen's mercenaries Jack Bauer 4:10am
146 Fort Lesker military officer Madsen mercenary 4:11am
147-171 Madsen's mercenaries (25 minimum) Jack Bauer & Chase Edmunds 4:43am-4:57am
172-191 Madsen's mercenaries (20 minimum) Jack Bauer, Chase Edmunds, CTU field agents 5:10am-5:16am
192 Peter Madsen Jack Bauer 5:31am
193 Madsen's mercenary Jack Bauer 5:33am
194-195 Madsen's mercenaries CTU field agent 5:34am
196-210 Max's guards (15 minimum) Jack Bauer 5:39am-5:41am
211 Max Jack Bauer 5:56am



Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Donald Frick Susan Walker N/A
2 Christopher Gerber Christopher Gerber N/A
3 Oliver Krakowski Susan Walker N/A
4 Chris Jarvis Kelly's mercenaries N/A
5 Susan's contact Blond-haired assailant N/A
6 Blond-haired assailant Martin Kail N/A
7 James Sutton Kelly N/A
8 Kelly Martin Kail N/A

The RookieEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Bank robber #3 Jason Blaine 9:32am
2-3 Salazar guard 1 & 2 Jason Blaine 5:56pm
4 Manuel Jason Blaine 5:56pm
5 Jose Esteban Salazar 5:58pm
6 Esteban Salazar Jason Blaine 5:58pm

Not included Edit

The following characters could not be included in their respective tables. Reasons include, but are not limited to: they were last seen in extremely life-threatening situations and whether they survived was unspecified; they died before the Day started; or they died off-camera at unknown times. Included are relevant details and approximate times of last appearance. For deaths from the main series, see Deaths on 24.

Season 6 Prequel Edit

  • A Cheng mercenary and a second mercenary shot and "killed" two different sentries. These actions were certainly intended as part of a ruse. However, it is unknown if the sentries were actually killed by real bullets, or were just acting.
  • Marcus Holt was killed by unknown elements, as mentioned in the 24: Day 6 Debrief, sometime during Jack's imprisonment before Day 6.

Trojan Horse Edit

  • Hugh Vetri and his family were killed before the events of the novel.

Operation Hell Gate Edit

  • Shamus and Griffin Lynch's father was killed by the British Army in 1972. Their mother was later killed in a pub explosion shortly afterwards.
  • Gina Costigan was killed in the prequel, just a few hours before the events of the novel.
  • Three of Dante Arete's associates were also killed in the prequel.
  • Frank Hensley shot a pilot shortly after the plane he was controlling crashed at JFK Airport. He was last reported being in a coma; whether he survived is unknown.
  • It was never confirmed how many FBI agents were killed when Khan's hideout exploded.
  • CTU led several raids across the country and simultaneously took out multiple terrorist cells between 5:50pm and 6:00pm. The amount of total casualties from every raid was never stated.

Storm Force Edit

  • Alain Marcel was murdered a couple days before the novel's events occurred.

Trinity Edit

  • It's unknown if Aaron Biehn survived his suicide attempt.

Head Shot Edit

Death Angel Edit

Deadline Edit

Rogue Edit

Conspiracy Edit

Rookie Edit

  • Luiz was struck in the head with a pipe. Whether he survived his injuries is uncertain.

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