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This page lists deaths confirmed to have happened during the course of 24 spin-off media, including novels, comics, and video games. For deaths in the series, see Deaths on 24.


Season 4 Prequel Edit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death Cause of death
1 Mexican coyote Tomas Sherek Shot
2-3 Mexican coyotes Tomas Sherek Explosion

Season 5 Prequel Edit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death Cause of death
1 BMW driver Himself Drove into forklift

Season 6 Prequel Edit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death Cause of death
1 Hong Wai Cheng Zhi Shot

The Raid Edit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death Cause of death
1 Bin-Khalid soldier Eric Carter 2:57am Shot
2 Bin-Khalid soldier Army Ranger & Eric Carter 2:57am Shot
3 Bin-Khalid window soldier Army Ranger 2:57am Shot
4 Bin-Khalid grenade soldier Eric Carter 2:57am Shot
5 Bin-Khalid soldier Army Ranger & Eric Carter 2:57am Explosion and shot
6 Bin-Khalid soldier Stewart 2:59am Shot


Times are approximate.

Operation Hell GateEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1-2 US marshals Frank Hensley 9:13pm
3 Bartender Dante's hitmen 11:34pm
4 Dante's hitman Yuri 11:35pm
5 Nicolo Dante's hitmen 11:35pm
6 Dante's hitman Jack Bauer 11:42pm
7 Dante's hitman Georgi Timko 11:43pm
8 Alexi Dante's hitmen 12:12am
9 Dante Arete Griffin Lynch 1:57am
10 Dante's lieutenant Griffin Lynch 1:57am
11 Green Dragon Computers supervisor Jessica Schneider 4:36am
12 Green Dragon Computers thug Jessica Schneider 4:40am-4:59am
13 Khan's henchman FBI agents 7:12am
14 Khan's henchman FBI agents 7:13am
unknown FBI agents Khan's henchmen 7:55am
15 Borak Borak 8:14am
16 Donnie Murphy Griffin Lynch 9:21am
17 Mickey Chen Acid 10:02am
18 Danielle Henkel Acid 10:02am
19 Khan Ali Kahlil Khan Ali Kahlil 10:03am
20 Tarik Jack Bauer 1:11pm
21-22 Wexler thugs Jack Bauer 1:12pm
23 NYPD officer Wexler thug 1:13pm
24 Wexler thug Jack Bauer 1:14pm
25-26 Wexler thugs Jack Bauer 1:15pm
27-29 Asian assailants Tony Almeida 2:03pm
30 Asian assailant Tony Almeida 2:04pm
31 Felix Tanner Assassins 3:40pm
32 Fiona Brice Assassin 3:51pm
33 Shamus Lynch Shamus Lynch 4:14pm
34 Assassin Jack Bauer 4:23pm
35 Assassin Jack Bauer 4:39pm
36 Assassin Jack Bauer 4:50pm
37 Terrorists (1 minimum) Georgi Timko 4:59pm
38-39 Terrorists Jack Bauer 8:35pm
40 Griffin Lynch Caitlin O'Connor 8:36pm
41 Omar Bayat Jack Bauer 8:37pm
42 Taj Ali Kahlil Jack Bauer 8:39pm
unknown Terrorists Jack Bauer 8:39pm
43 Frank Hensley Jack Bauer 8:40pm

Veto PowerEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Danny Jack Bauer 3:20am
2-4 Greater Nation militiamen (3) SEB officers 3:20am
5-6 Greater Nation militiamen (2) Jack Bauer 7:30am
6 Greater Nation militiaman Jack Bauer 8:25am
7 Greater Nation militiaman CTU agent 8:30am
8 Armenian bodyguard Jack Bauer 4:50pm
9 Babak Farrah Jack Bauer 5:00pm
10 Bob Lundquist Jet explosion 8:15pm
11 Greater Nation militiaman Jack Bauer 12:55am
12 Greater Nation militiaman EMP bomb 12:55am
13 Frank Newhouse Brett Marks 1:35am
14 Brett Marks Jack Bauer 2:45am

Trojan HorseEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Utopia Studios guard Chet Blackburn 5:50am
2 Thelma Layton Ibn al Farad 8:10am
3-11 Retreat campers (9) Ibn al Farad 8:10am
12 California State Trooper Ibn al Farad 9:20am
13-20 Stagehands Haroun 10:05am
21 Fay Hubley Chechen 10:59am
22-26 LAPD officers (5 minimum) Saudi soldiers 11:35am
27-29 Saudi soldiers (3) Jack Bauer 11:40am
30 Saudi soldier Jerry Alder 11:40am
31 Valerie Dodge Katya 1:18pm
32 Raschid Ja'far al-Salah 1:55pm
33 Hourani Ja'far al-Salah 1:55pm
34 Nareesa al-Bustani Ja'far al-Salah 2:05pm
35 Omar al Farad Ja'far al-Salah 2:05pm
36 Ja'far al-Salah Jack Bauer 2:06pm
37 Ordog Milo Pressman 3:07pm
38 Yasmina Nina Myers 4:50pm
39 Saaid Saaid 4:55pm
40-42 Chechen mercenaries Tony Almeida 6:20pm
43 Ray Dobyns Tony Almeida 6:25pm
44 Katya Katya 6:35pm
45-68 Chamberlain spectators and security guards (24 minimum) Chechen terrorists 7:05pm
69 Tomas Morales Chechen terrorist 7:06pm
70 Cynthia Richel Chechen terrorist 7:06pm
unknown Booth security guards Chechen terrorists 7:06pm
71-72 Chechen mercenaries Tony Almeida 7:10pm
73 Vladimir Borodin Chechen terrorist 7:15pm
74 Richard Lesser Richard Lesser 8:15pm
75 Dennis Winthrop Chechen terrorist 8:30pm
76 Nancy Colburn Chechen terrorist 8:30pm
77-78 LAFD firefighters Chechen terrorists 8:50pm
unknown LAPD SWAT officers Chechen terrorists 8:50pm
79 Chechen terrorist Jack Bauer 2:45am
80 Bastian Grost Jack Bauer 2:45am
81-84 Chechen suicide bombers CTU undercover agents 2:45am
85-103 Chechen terrorists (19) CTU snipers 2:45am

Cat's ClawEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 McKey Nick Dyson 11:20am
2 Sanchez Ayman al-Libbi 12:25pm
3 Nick Dyson Tony Almeida 2:35pm
4 Bernard Copeland Frankie Michaelmas 4:15pm
5 Nurmamet Tuman Ayman al-Libbi 5:05pm
6 Clay Lonis Ayman al-Libbi 5:30pm
7-8 Secret Service agents (2 minimum) Ayman al-Libbi 5:30pm
9 ETIM terrorist Jack Bauer 6:05pm
10 Kelly Sharpton Ayman al-Libbi 7:55pm
11 Frankie Michaelmas Cat's Claw 8:25pm
12 Neidemeyer Iranian operatives 9:45pm
13 Todd Romond Iranian operatives 9:45pm
14-15 Iranian operatives (2) Jack Bauer 11:15pm
16 Susan Iranian operatives 12:00am
17-18 Iranian operatives (3) Jack Bauer 12:45am
19 Pico Santiago Fall 12:55am
20-21 Plush bouncers (2 minimum) Iranian operatives 2:25am
unknown Plush patrons Iranian operatives 2:30am
22-23 Iranian operatives (2) Mercy Bennett 2:30am
24 Eshmail Nouri Jack Bauer 3:45am
25-27 Iranian operatives (3) Jack Bauer 3:45am
28 Muhammad Abbas Ayman al-Libbi 5:20am
29 Ayman al-Libbi Jack Bauer 5:30am
30 Mercy Bennet Cat's Claw 6:15am

Vanishing PointEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1-2 Pedestrians (2) Francesco Rojas
3 Waiter Francesco Rojas
4 Francesco Rojas Tony Almeida
5 Chollo Jack Bauer
6 Gordon Harrow y Guiterrez Gordon Harrow y Guiterrez
7 Boy Gordon Harrow y Guiterrez
8 Max Farrow Don Driscoll unknown
9 Ray Perry Don Driscoll unknown
10 Coyote Cuban mercenaries 1:58pm
11 Mexican banker Cuban mercenaries 1:58pm
12 Banker's wife Cuban mercenaries 1:58pm
13 Banker's daughter Cuban mercenaries 1:58pm
14 Cuban mercenary Curtis Manning 7:05pm
15 Cuban mercenary Curtis Manning 7:10pm
16 Lev Cohen Yizi 8:10pm
17 Philip Locklear Hector 9:25pm
18 Hector Curtis Manning 9:25pm
19 Brad Dallas Salazar 9:27pm
20-25 Bix's hitmen (6) Jack Bauer 10:45pm
26 Don Driscoll Wildman 10:45pm
27 Wildman Jack Bauer 10:45pm
28 Hugo Bix Balboa Rojas 11:05pm
29 Eli Blumenthal Balboa Rojas 11:05pm
30 Bix's henchmen (1 minimum) Balboa Rojas 11:05pm
31 Cub Tanner Balboa Rojas 11:15pm
32 Gus Fellows Balboa Rojas 11:15pm
33-41 Babylon Hotel guests and staff (9 minimum) Balboa Rojas 11:15pm
42-43 LVFD firemen (2) Balboa Rojas 12:40am
44 Balboa Rojas Jack Bauer 1:15am
45-60 McCarran employees,
U.S. Air Force personnel (16 minimum)
Chinese operatives 2:00am
61 Trudi Hwang Beverly Chang 2:55am
62 Beverly Chang Yizi 3:10am
63 Civilian worker Jong Lee 3:30am
64-65 Groom Lake security staff (2 minimum) Anh Hsu's unit 3:30am
66-67 Air Force mechanics (2) Chinese operatives 4:05am
68 Steve Sable Tony Almeida 4:10am
69 Stratowski Chinese operatives 4:45am
70 Sahn Tony Almeida 5:20am
71 Suh Tony Almeida 5:20am
72 Bah Tony Almeida 5:20am
73 Shi-uhr Tony Almeida 5:20am
74 Enrico Tony Almeida 5:20am
75 Roland Arrias Tony Almeida 5:20am
76 Manuel Tony Almeida 8:55am
77 Cuban mercenary Tony Almeida 9:15am
78 Cuban mercenary Tony Almeida 9:25am
79 Carlos Boca Tony Almeida 9:25am
80 Pizarro Rojas Yizi 10:10am
81 Chinese operative Jack Bauer 10:20am
82-84 Chinese operatives (3) Tony Almeida 10:20am
85 Phillip Bascomb Chinese operatives 10:30am
86 Chinese operative Tony Almeida 11:00am
87 Anh Hsu Jack Bauer 11:20am
88-89 Chinese operatives (2 minimum) Nina Myers 11:25am
90-91 Chinese operatives (2 minimum) Curtis Manning 11:30am
92 Jong Lee Jack Bauer 11:35am

Chaos TheoryEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Adam Cox Ferg 9:22pm
2 Jehovah's Witness Zapata 10:40pm
3 Jemaah Islamiyah member Dan Pascal 4:55am
4-5 LAPD officers (2) Vanowen's sniper 4:57am
6 Vanowen's sniper Jack Bauer 4:59am
7 Vanowen Francis Aguillar 5:25am
8 Emil Ramirez Francis Aguillar 5:25am
9 Francis Aguillar Jack Bauer 5:30am
10 Sergei Petrenko Sue Mishler 2:15pm
11 Franko Jack Bauer 2:15pm
12 Oscar Cisneros Jack Bauer 3:27pm
13 Smiley Lopez Peter Jiminez 4:15pm
14 Peter Jiminez Jack Bauer 7:04pm
15 LAPD chopper crew (1 minimum) Zapata 7:34pm
16 Zapata Jack Bauer 7:55pm

Storm ForceEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Ramon Espinosa Dixie Lee N/A
2 Aldo Baca Dixie Lee N/A
3 Dixie Lee Martello Paz N/A
4 Assassin Pete Malo N/A
5 Hermann Ost Jack Bauer N/A
6 Assassin Martello Paz N/A
7 Beatriz Ortiz Jack Bauer / Pete Malo N/A
8 Topham Torres N/A
9 Beauclerk Rubio N/A
10 Lonnie Rubio N/A
11 Supremo sentry Vasco N/A
12 Supremo rifleman Martello Paz N/A
13 Sancho Supremo gunner N/A
14 Septiembre Supremo gunner N/A
15 Ramon Supremo gunner N/A
16-17 Supremo gunners Fierro N/A
18 Aguilar Supremo gunners N/A
19 Joaquin Paz's hitmen N/A
20 Ybarra Carrancha N/A
unknown Supremo gunners Paz's hitmen N/A
21 Felix Monatero Martello Paz N/A
22 Supremo rifleman Fierro N/A
23 Carrancha Supremo rifleman / Martello Paz N/A
24 Rubio Hector Beltran N/A
25 Torres Hector Beltran N/A
26 Moreno Hector Beltran N/A
27 Hector Beltran Martello Paz N/A
28 Martello Paz Jack Bauer N/A
29 Fierro CTU field agent N/A
30 Pete Malo Arno Puce N/A
31 Silva Jack Bauer N/A
32 Rex de Groot Jack Bauer / Snakes N/A
33 Arno Puce Jack Bauer N/A
34 Ahmed U.S. Coast Guard N/A
35 Rashid U.S. Coast Guard N/A
36 Prince Hassani Fedallah's gunmen N/A
37 Imam Omar Fedallah's gunmen N/A
38 Vollard mercenary Jack Bauer N/A
39-49 Vollard mercenaries CTU field agents N/A
50 Hathaway Marc Vollard N/A
51 Marc Vollard Jack Bauer N/A

Collateral DamageEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Angelo De Salvo Jack Bauer 7:05am
2 Janice Baker Farshid Amadani 7:58am
3-4 CTU New York guards (2) Serbian hitman 8:32am
5 Fredo Mangella Jack Bauer 9:55am
6 Jason Emmerick Warriors of God followers 10:02am
7 Douglas Leight Warriors of God followers 10:02am
8 Petey Erno Tobias 10:10am
9 Thirteen Gang member Jack Bauer 10:55am
10 Serb mercenary Tony Almeida 10:55am
11-12 Serb mercenaries (2) Jack Bauer 12:50pm
13 Alexi Szudamenko Jack Bauer 1:59pm
14 Emily Reed Kurmastan resident 2:38pm
15 Simonson Kurmastan resident 2:38pm
16 Thirteen Gang member Thirteen Gang member 2:38pm
17 Rachel Delgado Tony Almeida 3:10pm
18 Hocklinger Kurmastan residents 3:50pm
19 James Wendell Ahern Kurmastan residents 4:22pm
20 Kurmastan old man Brice Holman 4:30pm
22-23 Kurmastan residents (2) Brice Holman 4:30pm
25 Joe Cranston Kurmastan residents 4:30pm
26 Abby Cranston Kurmastan residents 4:30pm
27 Kurmastan boy Brice Holman 4:30pm
28-29 Kurmastan women (2) Brice Holman 4:40pm
30 Kurmastan man Brice Holman 4:40pm
31 Kurmastan teen Danielle Taylor 5:35pm
32 Kurmastan woman Jack Bauer 5:40pm
33-34 Kurmastan women (2) Layla Abernathy 5:40pm
unknown Kurmastan residents Explosion 5:55pm
35 Brice Holman Kurmastan residents 7:15pm
36 Luddie Kuzma Vernon Greene 7:48pm
37-38 Pennsylvania State Police troopers (2) Vernon Greene 7:50pm
39-391 Bombing victims in:
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Rutland, Vermont
Boston, Massachusetts
Warriors of God 7:50pm – 7:00am
391-392 Meadowlands guards (2) Warriors of God 8:10pm
393-401 Warriors of God (9) U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers 8:45pm
402 Terrorist driver Farshid Amadani 9:25pm
403 Farshid Amadani Farshid Amadani 9:25pm
406-408 Warriors of God Farshid Amadani 9:25pm
409 Darla Famini Warriors of God 10:59pm
410 Archie Lamb Warriors of God 10:59pm
411-1,210 General Aviation Electronics employees (800) Warriors of God 10:59pm
1,211 Atlantic City police officer Warriors of God 11:50pm
1,212 Warrior of God Atlantic City police officers 12:25am
unknown U.S. Navy Military Police officers Warriors of God 12:45am
unknown Warriors of God U.S. Navy Military Police officers 12:45am
1,213 Erno Tobias Erno Tobias 12:58am
1,214-1,215 Engineers (2) Ibrahim Noor 1:20am
1,216 Jackson Jack Bauer 2:20am
1,217-1,218 Thirteen Gang members (2) Jack Bauer 2:30am
1,219 Tyrell Jack Bauer 2:30am
1,220-1,221 Thirteen Gang members (2) Jack Bauer 2:40am
1,222 Roderick Cannon Warrior of God 3:15am
1,223 Warrior of God Claudia Wheelock 3:15am
unknown Terrorists in Langley and Washington, D.C. CTU agents 3:30am
1,224 Dubic Tony Almeida 3:48am
1,225 Sonya Klebb Tony Almeida 3:48am
1,226-1,227 Warriors of God (2) Mike Gorman and Chuck Romeo 4:45am
1,228-1,233 Thirteen Gang members (6) Judith Foy 5:45am
1,234 Scientist Judith Foy 5:46am
1,235 Thirteen Gang member Tony Almeida 5:46am
1,236 Said al Kabbibi Christopher Henderson 6:53am
1,237 Ibrahim Noor Christopher Henderson 6:53am
1,238 Soren Ungar Robert Ellis 6:57am


Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Ramin Ahmadi Michael Shalhoub 6:08pm
2 Frank Giggs Don Biehn 9:40pm
3 Earl Smithies SWAT team 10:20pm
4 Abdul al-Hassan Marwan al-Hassan 11:42pm
5 Michael's assailant Jack Bauer 2:25am
6 Don Biehn Michael's assailant 2:26am
7 Michael's assailant Jack Bauer 2:26am
8 Sam Collins Pembrooke 5:28am
9 Dean Schrock Jack Bauer 6:17am
10 Doogan Jack Bauer 6:17am
11 Barny Jack Bauer 6:17am
12-14 Dean's bikers (3 minimum) Jack Bauer 6:17am
15 Diana Christie Gary Khalid's bomb 9:20am
16 Marwan al-Hassan Michael Shalhoub 1:55pm
17-18 Giancarlo's guards (2 minimum) Michael Shalhoub 3:15pm
19 Giancarlo Mettler Michael Shalhoub 3:42pm
20 Dan Bender Michael Shalhoub 3:43pm
21 Aimes Jack Bauer 3:50pm-3:59pm
22 Duvaine Jack Bauer 3:50pm-3:59pm
23 Wittenberg Jack Bauer 4:02pm
24 Harry Driscoll Michael Shalhoub 4:48pm
25 Pembrooke Jack Bauer 5:19pm
26 Michael Shalhoub Jack Bauer 5:20pm
27 Abdul Rahman Yasin Nina Myers 5:22pm

Head ShotEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Lobo Weld's commando N/A
2 Frank Neal Weld's commando N/A
3 Weld's commando Jack Bauer N/A
4 Holtz Weld's commando N/A
5-6 Weld's commandos Frith & Sanchez N/A
7 Weld's commando Frith N/A
8 Weld's commando Sanchez N/A
9-10 Weld's commandos Jack Bauer N/A
11 Frith Weld's commandos N/A
12 Sanchez Weld's commandos N/A
13 Bailey Weld's commandos N/A
14 Anne Armstrong Weld's commandos N/A
15 Weld's partner Bear N/A
16 Brad Oliver Arthur Pettibone N/A
17 Sharon Stallings Griff N/A
18 Miller Fisk Rowdy N/A
19 Cole Taggart Jack Bauer N/A
20 Bryce Hardin Jack Bauer N/A
21 Winnetou sentry Griff N/A
22-29 Winnetou commandos (8 minimum) Jack Bauer, Griff, Rowdy N/A
30-35 Brand Agency board operators Larry Noone N/A
36 Weld's sentry Jack Bauer N/A
37 Arthur Pettibone Loogan N/A
38 Loogan Jack Bauer N/A
39 Al Baranco Jack Bauer N/A
40 Grant Graham Jack Bauer N/A
41 Weld's commando Rowdy N/A
42 Gordon Weld Jack Bauer N/A
43 Rowdy Weld's commando N/A
44 Larry Noone Jack Bauer N/A
45 Cabot Wright Marion Clary N/A

Death AngelEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Helen Veitch Jack Bauer N/A
2 Torreon Blanco's spotter Lassiter N/A
3 Barnes' thug Diablo Cruz N/A
4 Quinto Barnes' thug N/A
5-6 Barnes' thugs Varrin N/A
7 Barnes' thug Porky N/A
8 Speedy Barnes Lassiter N/A
9 Ralston Jack Bauer N/A
10 Nacio Jack Bauer N/A
11-12 Pardee's gunmen Jack Bauer N/A
13-14 Pardee's gunmen Jack Bauer N/A
15 Croft Jack Bauer N/A
16 Steve Jack Bauer N/A
17 Gene Parkhurst Tommy Burke N/A
18 Gladys Parkhurst Tommy Burke N/A
19 Tommy Burke Harvey Kling N/A
20 Chino Valdosta Harvey Kling N/A
21 Harvey Kling Tommy Burke & Chino Valdosta N/A
22 Cisco Jack Bauer N/A
23 Wade Chet Hickman N/A
24 Maxie Arnot Jack Bauer N/A
25 Harry Stempler Orne Lewis N/A
26 Chet Hickman Orne Lewis N/A
27 Gabe McCoy Hugh Carlson N/A
28 Dennison's partner Jack Bauer N/A
29 Hoke Jack Bauer & Orne Lewis N/A
30 Alvarado Orne Lewis N/A
31 Jim Merritt Orne Lewis N/A
32 Pardee's gunman Orne Lewis N/A
33 Dennison Pardee's gunmen N/A
34 Orne Lewis Pardee's gunmen N/A
35 Varrin Pardee N/A
36 Hank Ketch Lassiter N/A
37 Diablo Cruz Lassiter N/A
38 Reed Teed Pardee's gunmen N/A
39 Slim Pardee's gunmen N/A
40 Pablo Obregon Pardee's gunmen N/A
41 Porky Pardee's gunmen N/A
42 Arnold Matti Pardee's gunmen N/A
43 Norvil Nolles Pardee's gunmen N/A
unknown Varrin's gang Pardee's gunmen N/A
44 Max Scourby Torreon Blanco N/A
45 Brazos Jack Bauer N/A
46-48 Blanco riflemen (3 minimum) Jack Bauer N/A
49 Adam Zane Torreon Blanco N/A
50 Torreon Blanco FBI agents N/A
51 Hugh Carlson Blanco's thugs N/A
52 Marta Blanco Jane Miller N/A
53 Jane Miller Jack Bauer N/A


Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Brodur Jack Bauer N/A
2 Barbara Roker Dimitri Yolkin N/A
3 Mike Roker Dimitri Yolkin N/A
4 Sammy Jack Bauer N/A
5 Night Ranger Jack Bauer N/A
6 Crankcase dancer Night Ranger N/A
7 Night Ranger Chase Edmunds N/A
8-9 Night Rangers Jack Bauer N/A
10 Night Ranger Laurel Tenn N/A
unknown Night Rangers Fire N/A
11 Civilian Benjamin Rydell N/A
12 Hector Matlow Arkady Bazin N/A
13-14 Night Rangers Jack Bauer N/A
15 Night Ranger Chase Edmunds N/A
16 Night Ranger Jack Bauer N/A
unknown Civilians Night Rangers N/A
unknown Night Rangers Jack Bauer N/A
17 Night Ranger Chase Edmunds N/A
18 Chase Edmunds Benjamin Rydell N/A
19 Marshall Jack Bauer N/A
20 Fang Jack Bauer N/A
21-22 Night Rangers Mandy N/A
23-28 Night Rangers (6 minimum) Jack Bauer N/A
29 Sticks Jack Bauer N/A
30 Benjamin Rydell Jack Bauer N/A
unknown Helicopter crew Dimitri Yolkin N/A
31 SVR operative Mandy N/A
32 SVR pilot Jack Bauer N/A
33 Mager Mandy N/A
34 Dimitri Yolkin Jack Bauer N/A
35-37 CTU agents Ekel N/A
38 Ekel Jack Bauer N/A
39 Lenkov Arkady Bazin N/A
40 Arkady Bazin Stephen Wesley & Jack Bauer N/A
41 Arthur Nemec Arthur Nemec N/A


Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Simon Dedrick Sadiq Khalif Fárah N/A
2 Shattuck Osman's pirates N/A
3-7 Shattuck's mercenaries Osman's pirates N/A
8 Miguel Blancaflor Sadiq Khalif Fárah N/A
9 Caadil, Yasir, or Faaruq Jack Bauer N/A
10 Yasir, Faaruq, or Caadil Jack Bauer N/A
11 Faaruq, Yasir, or Caadil Jack Bauer N/A
12 Callum Trent Sadiq Khalif Fárah N/A
13 Thai crew member Sadiq Khalif Fárah N/A
14 Markus Rohde Sadiq Khalif Fárah N/A
15 Dieter Stutzman Osman, Feysal, & Abiid N/A
16 Johan Schupp Osman, Feysal, & Abiid N/A
17 Yiram Osman, Feysal, & Abiid N/A
unknown Barataria crew members Osman, Feysal, & Abiid N/A
18-21 Feysal, Abiid, Ahmed, & Ashkir Jack Bauer N/A
22 Osman's pirate Jack Bauer N/A
23 Samir or Khaled Jack Bauer N/A
24 Khaled or Samir Jack Bauer N/A
25 Hamal Jack Bauer N/A
26 Saleem Jack Bauer N/A
27 Yusuf Jack Bauer N/A
28-29 Dubad & Luqmaan Jack Bauer N/A
30 Osman's pirate Jack Bauer N/A
31 Sadiq Khalif Fárah Jack Bauer N/A
32 Jibríl Jack Bauer N/A
33 Osman Xasan Muhamad Jack Bauer N/A
34-41 Newbold's mercenaries Jack Bauer N/A
42 Cigaal Newbold's mercenaries N/A
43 Gutaale Newbold's mercenaries N/A
44-86 Somalis (43 minimum) Firethorn mercenaries N/A
87 Marwan Firethorn mercenaries N/A
88 Kulame Firethorn mercenaries N/A
89 Bashir Ćawil Hanad Firethorn mercenaries N/A
unknown Berbera International Airport police Firethorn mercenaries N/A
90 Firethorn mercenary Jack Bauer N/A
91-95 Firethorn mercenaries Abigail Harper N/A
unknown Firethorn mercenaries Jack Bauer & Abigail Harper N/A
96-97 Beyer & Permenter Yant N/A
98-103 Firethorn mercenaries Burnett's SEAL team N/A
104 Osan Hadid Kamal Abigail Harper N/A
105 Kamal's second-in-command Qeyd N/A
106 Firethorn mercenary Jack Bauer N/A
107 Firethorn mercenary Abigail Harper N/A
108 Mergenthaler Jack Bauer N/A
109 Firethorn mercenary Grenade explosion N/A
110 James Sealander Yant N/A
111 T.J. Andrzejczyk Yant N/A
112 Maxwell Newbold Yant N/A
113-118 Firethorn mercenaries Yant N/A
119 Arkady Malenkov Mandy N/A
120 Grigor Nikunin Mandy N/A
121 Yuri Puleshko Mandy N/A
122 Antek Mandy N/A
123 Georg Olaf N/A
124 Danko Jack Bauer N/A
125-126 Titov & Yakunin Abigail Harper N/A
127 Soltsin Jack Bauer N/A

Trial by FireEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 William Fields Kanashiro's thugs N/A
2 Kenta Sashida Kanashiro's thugs N/A
3-5 Zherdev's thugs Kanashiro's thugs N/A
6 Grisha Zherdev Kanashiro's thugs N/A
7-8 Kanashiro's thugs Jack Bauer N/A
9-11 Kanashiro's thugs Rauf Alkaev N/A
12 Tadashi Enogawa Amorah Banovich N/A
13 Thomas Wade Saburo Genko N/A
14 Fumoto Jack Bauer N/A
15 Higashi Jack Bauer N/A
16 Yasuo Emura Samuel Yeager N/A
17 Kanashiro's thug Amorah Banovich N/A
18 Kanashiro's thug Jack Bauer N/A
19 Kanashiro's thug Jack Bauer & Amorah Banovich N/A
20 Kanashiro's thug Samuel Yeager N/A
21-25 Kanashiro's thugs Yeager's commandos N/A
26 Kanashiro's thug Samuel Yeager N/A
27 Daniel Boyce Tateos Gadjoyan N/A
28 Jimura's mercenary Jimura's mercenary N/A
29 Timothy Laszlo Jimura's mercenary N/A
unknown Camp Hansen personnel Jimura's mercenaries N/A
30 Murray Roxburgh Jimura's mercenary N/A
31 Ray Ferren Jimura's mercenaries N/A
32-33 Kanashiro's thugs Jack Bauer N/A
34 Hachiro Jiroku Samuel Yeager N/A
35 Jimura's mercenary Jimura's mercenary N/A
36 Jimura's mercenary Jack Bauer N/A
37 Kanashiro's spotter Amorah Banovich N/A
38 Kanashiro's spotter Samuel Yeager N/A
39 Kanashiro's assailant Amorah Banovich N/A
40 Kanashiro's assailant Jack Bauer N/A
41-42 Jimura's mercenaries Jack Bauer N/A
43 Samuel Yeager Edoga Kanashiro N/A
44-48 Jimura's mercenaries Jack Bauer N/A
49 Jimura's mercenary Dale Connelly N/A
50-53 Jimura's mercenaries Jack Bauer N/A
54 Miroji Jimura Jack Bauer N/A
55 Manish Pajari Jack Bauer N/A
56 Rauf Alkaev Jack Bauer N/A
57 Amorah Banovich Jack Bauer N/A


One ShotEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Landon McGinnis mercenary 7:23pm
2 Taylor Tim McGinnis 7:24pm
3 McGinnis mercenary Dillon 10:00pm
4 Dillon Megan 12:00am
5-7 McGinnis mercenaries Jack Bauer & Solof 12:00am-1:00am
8-9 CTU agents Megan 3:10am
10 Solof Megan 4:40am
11 McGinnis pilot Trent 6:07am
12 Megan Jack Bauer 8:14am
13 Maggie Jack Bauer 8:15am
14 Tim McGinnis Jack Bauer 9:01am


Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Harry CLF terrorist 2:25pm
unknown Hotel Long Beach workers CLF terrorists 2:00pm-3:00pm
2-3 VIP security guards CLF terrorists 3:00pm
4 Hotel Long Beach worker CLF terrorist 3:35pm
5 Hotel guest CLF terrorists' turret 5:00pm
unknown Impacto Burger employees and civilians CLF terrorists 6:05pm
unknown Gas station employees and civilians CLF terrorists 1:45am
6 Bucho Enrique Hinojosa 5:05am
7 Julio Enrique Hinojosa 5:06am
8 Angelo Marcella Jack Bauer 5:06am
9-10 CLF terrorists Jack Bauer 9:56am
unknown CLF terrorists Jack Bauer 9:57am-10:00am
11 Imran Geshayev Jack Bauer 10:02am
12 Isa Jack Bauer 10:03am

Midnight SunEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Mike Wendell Adams 1:25pm
2 Joseph McGuckin Wendell Adams 1:25pm
3 Wendell Adams Wendell Adams 1:25pm
4 Chuck Fitzsimmons Kristen Doehring 8:21am
5 Jim Kuhoric Jack Bauer 12:25pm
6 Trinetta Anderson Jack Bauer 12:48pm
7 Jamie David Jack Bauer 12:59pm


Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Dave Evans Land mine 12:30am
2-9 Serbian soldiers Jack Bauer & Delta Strike team 4:07am
10-14 Serbian police officers Al Crenshaw 6:00am
15 Civilian Serbian officer 8:40am
16-23 Civilians (8 minimum) Serbian soldiers 9:40am
24-25 Serbian soldiers Al Crenshaw 11:45am
26 David Petrovic Serbian soldiers 11:46am
27-29 Serbian soldiers Delta Strike team 12:08pm
30 Serbian soldiers (1 minimum) Delta Strike team 12:11pm
31-32 Serbian soldiers Al Crenshaw 12:25pm
33 Milankovic Crnjanski 1:32pm
unknown Drazen's soldiers and associates Falling Stone 3:54pm
34 Alexander Lepenski Anna Petrovic 4:35pm
35 Ronnie Pope Anna Petrovic 4:36pm
36 Al Crenshaw Anna Petrovic 4:37pm
37 Anna Petrovic Jack Bauer 4:39pm
38-39 Serbian guards Stephen Saunders 11:40pm
40 Serbian guard Jack Bauer 11:41pm
41 Bill Kendall Bill Kendall 11:43pm
unknown Serbian guards Bill Kendall 11:43pm
unknown Drazen's soldiers and associates Diehard 11:45pm

Cold WarriorsEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 CTU security guard Fedor N/A
2 Ted Randy Bishop N/A
unknown CTU agents Malenov's terrorists N/A
3-5 Malenov terrorists Amy Seelaki N/A
6 Malenov terrorist Jack Bauer N/A
7 CTU agent Malenov terrorist N/A
8-10 Malenov terrorists Jack Bauer & Amy Seelaki N/A
11 CTU agent Malenov terrorist N/A
12-13 Malenov terrorists Jack Bauer N/A
14 Randy Bishop Katrina N/A
15 Katrina Jack Bauer N/A
16 Sergei Jack Bauer N/A
17 Dimitri Jack Bauer N/A
18 Fedor Amy Seelaki N/A
19 Oleg Malenov Jack Bauer N/A


Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Roman Vlacic Mishka Grenkov N/A
2 Dock security guard Grenkov's thugs N/A
3 Artur Jack Bauer N/A
4 Grenkov thug Jack Bauer N/A
5 Uri Jack Bauer N/A
6 Sasho Jack Bauer N/A
7 Grenkov thug Jack Bauer N/A
8 Nestor Sofiya Vlacic N/A
9 Abram Sofiya Vlacic N/A
10-11 Grenkov thugs CIA agents N/A
12 Petro Vlacic Grenkov thugs N/A
13 CIA agents (1 minimum) Anton & his thugs N/A
14 Alik Jack Bauer N/A
15 Mishka Grenkov David N/A

Video gamesEdit

Only mandatory deaths are included.

The GameEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Perez Chase Edmunds 7:21am
2 Tarket Chase Edmunds 7:38am
3 Carr Chase Edmunds 7:41am
4-5 Security guards Daniels' mercenaries 8:17am
6-7 Civilians Daniels' mercenaries 8:17am
8 Rodriguez Jack Bauer 8:20am
9 Bradley Jack Bauer 8:49am
10 O'Neil Jack Bauer 8:50am
11 Van assailant Secret Service agents 9:52am
12-13 Secret Service agents (2 minimum) Daniels' snipers 9:53am
14-24 Daniels' snipers Jack Bauer 9:50am-9:55am
25-26 CTU personnel (2 minimum) Madsen's mercenaries 1:03pm
27 Sean Walker Peter Madsen 1:59pm
28 Sid Wilson Peter Madsen 2:02pm
29 CTU agent Madsen's mercenaries 2:02pm
30 Wilson's mercenaries (1 minimum) Madsen's mercenaries 2:03pm
31-32 Madsen's mercenaries (2 minimum) CTU field agents 2:03pm
33 CTU field agent Joseph Sin-Chung 2:04pm
34-35 Madsen's helicopter crew (2 minimum) Jack Bauer 2:36pm
36-38 Madsen's mercenaries (3 minimum) Wilson's mercenaries 4:30pm-4:45pm
39-58 Wilson's mercenaries (20 minimum) Chase Edmunds & Madsen's mercenaries 4:30pm-4:45pm
59-60 Tech Lab security guards Peter Madsen 5:57pm
61-65 Del Toro's guards (5 minimum) Jack Bauer 6:46pm
66-67 Madsen's mercenaries Jack & Kim Bauer 8:02pm
68-77 Madsen's mercenaries (10 minimum) Tony Almeida 9:25pm-9:27pm
78 CTU field agent Madsen sniper 9:37pm
79-93 Madsen's snipers (15 minimum) Jack Bauer 9:38pm-9:42pm
94 Evans Madsen mercenary 9:51pm
95-124 Madsen's mercenaries (30 minimum) Jack Bauer 9:52pm-9:57pm
unknown Civilians Madsen's bomb / Earthquake 9:58pm
125 Landis Madsen's bomb / Earthquake 9:59pm
126 Jody James Radford 11:57pm
127 Sin-Chung's hacker Chase Edmunds 12:20am
128 Madsen's mercenary Jack Bauer 1:13am
129-139 Madsen's mercenaries (11 minimum) Jack Bauer 1:50am-1:55am
140 Sin-Chung's mercenary (1 minimum) Chase Edmunds 2:10am
141 Joseph Sin-Chung Chase Edmunds 2:15am
142 Kathy Weis Helicopter assailant 2:30am
143 James Radford Mandy 3:01am
144-145 Madsen's mercenaries Jack Bauer 4:10am
146 Fort Lesker military officer Madsen mercenary 4:11am
147-171 Madsen's mercenaries (25 minimum) Jack Bauer & Chase Edmunds 4:43am-4:57am
172-191 Madsen's mercenaries (20 minimum) Jack Bauer, Chase Edmunds, CTU field agents 5:10am-5:16am
192 Peter Madsen Jack Bauer 5:31am
193 Madsen's mercenary Jack Bauer 5:33am
194-195 Madsen's mercenaries CTU field agent 5:34am
196-210 Max's guards (15 minimum) Jack Bauer 5:39am-5:41am
211 Max Jack Bauer 5:56am



Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Donald Frick Susan Walker N/A
2 Christopher Gerber Christopher Gerber N/A
3 Oliver Krakowski Susan Walker N/A
4 Chris Jarvis Kelly's mercenaries N/A
5 Susan's contact Blond-haired assailant N/A
6 Blond-haired assailant Martin Kail N/A
7 James Sutton Kelly N/A
8 Kelly Martin Kail N/A

The RookieEdit

Number Victim's name Killer's name Time of death
1 Bank robber #3 Jason Blaine 9:32am
2-3 Salazar guard 1 & 2 Jason Blaine 5:56pm
4 Manuel Jason Blaine 5:56pm
5 Jose Esteban Salazar 5:58pm
6 Esteban Salazar Jason Blaine 5:58pm

Not included Edit

The following characters could not be included in their respective tables. Reasons include, but are not limited to: they were last seen in extremely life-threatening situations and whether they survived was unspecified; they died before the Day started; or they died off-camera at unknown times. Included are relevant details and approximate times of last appearance. For deaths from the main series, see Deaths on 24.

Season 6 Prequel Edit

  • A Cheng mercenary and a second mercenary shot and "killed" two different sentries. These actions were certainly intended as part of a ruse. However, it is unknown if the sentries were actually killed by real bullets, or were just acting.
  • Marcus Holt was killed by unknown elements, as mentioned in the 24: Day 6 Debrief, sometime during Jack's imprisonment before Day 6.

Trojan Horse Edit

  • Hugh Vetri and his family were killed before the events of the novel.

Operation Hell Gate Edit

  • Shamus and Griffin Lynch's father was killed by the British Army in 1972. Their mother was later killed in a pub explosion shortly afterwards.
  • Gina Costigan was killed in the prequel, just a few hours before the events of the novel.
  • Three of Dante Arete's associates were also killed in the prequel.
  • Frank Hensley shot a pilot shortly after the plane he was controlling crashed at JFK Airport. He was last reported being in a coma; whether he survived is unknown.
  • It was never confirmed how many FBI agents were killed when Khan's hideout exploded.
  • CTU led several raids across the country and simultaneously took out multiple terrorist cells between 5:50pm and 6:00pm. The amount of total casualties from every raid was never stated.

Storm Force Edit

  • Alain Marcel was murdered a couple days before the novel's events occurred.

Trinity Edit

  • It's unknown if Aaron Biehn survived his suicide attempt.

Head Shot Edit

Death Angel Edit

Deadline Edit

Rogue Edit

Trial by Fire Edit

  • Saburo Genko's fate was never revealed. Either he was killed by Jack Bauer, he died during the shootout between Miroji Jimura and Edoga Kanashiro's gangs, he was arrested, or he escaped from the NCIS and JSDF.
  • Rino Nakanashi was either arrested by the NCIS and JSDF or killed in the shootout between Kanashiro's gang and Jimura's forces.
  • It was never stated how many casualties were reported after the bombs exploded at Camp Hansen.

Conspiracy Edit

Rookie Edit

  • Luiz was struck in the head with a pipe. Whether he survived his injuries is uncertain.