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The United States Democratic Party (also called the Democratic Party or Democrats) was a major political party in the United States. Their main political rival was the Republican Party.

Democratic politicians Edit

Background Information and Notes Edit

  • It is likely, but unconfirmed in-universe, that Wayne Palmer and Noah Daniels are also Democrats (particularly the former, as he was David Palmer's brother and chief of staff). However, as this has not been confirmed explicitly on the show or in any other in-universe source to date, none of this speculation is permissible for inclusion in an article's main body of information.
  • David Palmer's status as a member of the Democratic Party was not officially revealed on the show until the eighteenth episode, with Sherry Palmer's statement "You are the Democratic Party's candidate for president, whether you like or not." Prior to this, Palmer's party was widely speculated among viewers to be the Democratic Party, but unconfirmed.

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