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Desmond was a boy attending the Okavango School in the African nation of Sangala during the events of 24: Redemption. He had a younger brother named Willie.

Redemption Edit

Desmond went to go play soccer with a few of his friends, and wanted his brother Willie to join them, but Willie refused and stayed at the school. While playing soccer, Desmond and his teammates were surrounded by several jeeps with armed rebels working for Youssou, a subordinate of Benjamin Juma. After Youssou told the children that they would become soldiers, a subordinate informed him that Desmond and his friend James attended the American school; in response Youssou told the boys that Americans make them slaves. The rebels became distracted by a child wetting himself and made fun of him. This gave Desmond and James time to run away from them. However, they were both shot. James died, but Desmond survived, though he was bleeding heavily. Carl Benton managed to rescue him, and brought him back to the school, but Youssou and his rebels attacked there as well. Desmond, his brother Willie, and the remaining boys hid in a secret compartment with the young man Thomas and the frightened UN worker Charles Solenz. They were brought out by Benton after Jack Bauer, with help from Carl, killed the rebels. The whole group, minus Solenz, then fled together. Jack treated Desmond to stop the bleeding, but he already ran a fever. Desmond and all the boys were rescued by the final evacuating helicopter from the American embassy, and Desmond survived the ordeal.

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