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Diamond Select Toys is a toy company that made several different type of 24 action figures.

Action FiguresEdit

Jack Bauer action figuresEdit

Three 12" cloth Jack Bauer action figures were released, all with different outfits and head sculptures

  • #1: Season 1 - wearing a bullet-proof vest from "Day 1: 9:00pm-10:00pm." Features a high-quality outfit based on the decorated CTU agent's appearances during his first season adventures. Wearing a black uniform complete with bullet-proof vest and sculpted by Bill Mancuso, this twelve-inch Jack Bauer also features 25 points of articulation and accessories.
  • #2: Season 1 - trying to rescue Kim and Teri. Features 25 points of articulation, and detailed cloth and plastic clothing along with a wealth of accessories sure to prove useful defusing bombs, hunting terrorists or uncovering government conspiracies.
  • #3: Season 2 - beginning of Season 2. This figure captures star Kiefer Sutherland's attitude and flare when he is freshest... in the morning.


Minimates are a 2" block-styled miniature action figure that resembles an extremely simplified human form with 14 points of articulation, higher than average for block figures. Four 24 related sets have been released.

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