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Dieter Stutzman was the cargo chief of the Barataria ship, captained by Markus Rohde, that was used to transport Karl Rask's weapons.

After Osman Xasan Muhamad's pirates boarded the ship and took the crew hostage, Stutzman was held on the forecastle. Sadiq Khalif Fárah identified Stutzman and made him operate the ship's computer to display the manifest, which they soon realised was fake. They then found out from Callum Trent that the real manifest was on his laptop, so sent Stutzman back down the forecastle. A short while later, Sadiq shot Trent in anger for not revealing the laptop's password, and the hostages charged forward in an attempt to escape. However, they were all shot dead by Osman, Feysal and Abiid. (Rogue)

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